No excuses June!

Who is up for joining me for No excuses June?

You define your own goals.. But the idea is to reach personal goals without making excuses. If we reach or not reach our goals, we can look back at the month of June and see what we did wrong/right..

If there is any interest I thought of making a page so we can gather our goals and talk about how it is going..

Any takers?


    can you tell i'm very keen on this?

    1) stick to HSGD limit as much as possible (80-90% of the time) - may be allowed to eat back cals if exercise but best if sticking to overall cal limit. biggest thing: be consistent.
    2) lose to low weight (60.2kg - 132.4lbs).
    3) if having a craving, mono for a day instead of eating a lot of useless carbs.
    4) keto as much as possible (this is not so super strict because of no 3 - i may choose to mono on something carby which is okay but my rules so i can be a bit lenient)
    5) must exercise for 2 times a week at least (i'm pretty good at this) so this would be the easiest to keep up.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I'm with you Kits.

    My (sane) goal is basically to make sure I'm getting 90 minutes of activity every day. The tracker made me realize that you basically burn the same when sitting at the desk/on the couch as you do when asleep so I need to get moving more.

    My other goal is well, not really sane and I will probably not achieve it, so lets keep it at "lose as much weight as possible, but at least 2 pounds a week"

  3. I'm interested. I'm not even sure yet what my goals will be but I know I'll need help and support.

  4. I am absolutely in! I will have to take a minute to mull over my exact goals.

  5. No worries ladies, just let me know and I will update the page :)

  6. So in! My goal is to set the stage for my new life. I am done. It is time for me to start living.

  7. re: man tycker ju att läkarna vid det här laget skulle ha upptäckt något som tar bort pms. Men det är ju bara kvinnor som drabbas :(

  8. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes :) yes.
    1. 1000 calories intake
    2. 2 x workouts 5 / 7 days
    3. Lose 12lbs from start weight (from 2nd June)
    4. Log everything, good and bad, every day

    1. Awesome :) Updating the page :)

  9. swapping goals. had a long mental debate. i keep on doing the same mistakes. no i did not go off track June's goals. i just thought to change them regardless to something a little healthier as i'd say.

    1) spend a good of time (at least a week) eating enough to feel full. whatever the number is, i don't care if it's 2500, subtract only a small amount next week. do not embark on a specific diet plan (be it paleo, vegan or keto) - just to find that balance again and start to work with the body instead of against it. if i'm hungry, i eat.

    2) try not to freak out if the scale doesn't move. that's not the point at the moment.

    3) the easiest one - exercise at least 2 times a week.

    -Sam Lupin