I have noticed that every time I have my period... Specially if I am late and then get it that my depression is really bad...

Does anyone else has the same problem?


  1. I don't get depressed specifically but i get really moody (which usually turns to anger) in the day or two before it starts and then really mopey the first two days.

    Stupid hormones...

  2. Om jag gör! Har precis beställt hem Femal Balans Forte för att se om det hjälper :P

  3. i do!
    i get very low typically before, during and/or after my period. i think it is also related to how much more i eat before my period before i start it. then i start feeling like a failure and whatnot. it's very annoying.

    i hope that you are okay, my dear. i'm in the same boat. i've just gotten my period and i feel very low and tired.
    i love you a lot. try not to be hard on yourself and take it easy the next few days, okay?

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I do. For days around then (before/during) I will feel low to the point of contemplating suicide. I can never see anything good when I'm that way inclined and I've noticed the pattern now so I know it's not really me feeling depressed; it's a 'false' brought on by my period. This helps me feel better about feeling suicidal because I know it just means my period is due and it's most likely due to my hormone levels.

    I struggle with it though. It's a very difficult thing but I'm fortunate my boyfriend has noticed my mood plummets drastically when my period is due. I hope you feel comforted knowing you're not alone <3 xx

  5. Totally! I used to get like super depressed every month and it coincided with my cycle. I have a Mirena IUD now so I stopped having periods and that evened me out a lot. I got it for birth control, not specifically for moods and periods but it helped with all of it a lot.
    I guess it helps to know what's happening, but it doesn't make it feel any better. It will be ok though. You're in good company.

  6. My mood definitely changes and it is much worse when it is late you're right. I am back on birth control so it's not as bad but still very noticeable to me.

  7. I just caught up on the last several blog posts... Sorry I've been so MIA. How is LCHF going? Its hard to be so strict with yourself because you set yourself up for failure, but strict is what works! I also try to eat big breakfasts. I do find it fills me up more and I don't crave as much as night. Gotta give yourself time to yet used to it, and make sure you don't eat the same amount of food for dinner that you were before.
    Take care!!

  8. Yes, I get very weepy during my period. I just get so low about everything, and cry all the time.