Keto, WL and rewards...

I started this post yesterday but I never got to actually finishing it up and publish it... So here it goes!

I have had a really rough night... Have been having horrible "dreams" and I am just.. Well.. I am begging God to give me this button where I could just turn off my brain..

I am staying off work today.. I just can not handle people.. Not right away anyways.. But if I can get a hold of my brain later today we are going to have a look at this place... It has 4 bedrooms - a nice open kitchen (I prefer them with a proper wall and door but this one looks nice).. A good size laundry room where I think it should be possible to get in a shower cabinet - a good bathroom, and just big enough outside area... Which is pretty private and looks nice :).. Oh and a walk-in closet with an actual window! How often do you see that? - Anyways the broker working on it is a proper asshole.. He is rude and unprofessional... Hopefully the place is as good as the pictures so it's worth the hassle and having to deal with the broker is worth it..

I have also had a bad day on keto.. And I have been thinking (specially after day 11 on the challenge) that a reward system should be good to have in-place.

It's Monday morning, and a great day to restart and have another chance of making it right.. So this is what I am putting up for now..

If I stay true to my diet, and don't give into anything else but keto until next Monday, I am going to order my self a new phone. Mine is starting to die after all the times my son has been "playing" with it, and lost it on the floor.. And I saw that if I order the new Iphone5s (I want it in gold) I will also get a Fitbit Flex since they have a campaign going on.
If I stick to the plan for another week, I am going to get a Scholl foot file. I have read a bunch of good review about it and I can not wait to try it, specially before summer.
After two weeks I am going to put up more rewards but I am going to set those up after weight goals.

Today things are a tad different.. The house I mentioned wasn't the one for us.. Lets just say it looked better on pictures than real life.. We looked at another today and we would have to spend around 1000000Sek on it to make it live-able... So we are not sure if we want to bother/risk it... So I guess we will see...

Other than that I am doing good on my diet. It is so much easier to stick to it when I am at work and busy.. So things are looking good so far :)

That's it for now ladies!



  1. :( i'm sorry to hear you've had a rough night sweetie. i hope you're able to get a hold of your brain soon.
    and let's look at this place! *opens link* holy shit. that is so beautiful. it looks so home-y and lovely! i'm hoping that it lives up to your expectations. sometimes, it's all pretty in pictures but the actual thing is so not impressive (sad).
    i agree! you definitely need some sort of a reward system. i think that reward systems should have a weight-based aspect and a non-weight based aspect just so you're less tempted to quit. :)
    when you said iPhone 5s in gold, i had to look it up. it's so lovely. i have an iPhone 5 (not an s, but meh). if it's as light as a iPhone 5, it's...whoa.
    when you do, do a review! i seriously want to figure out if it's worth the splurge (plus, worth talking my Father into buying it for me. he might just get pissed off.)
    oh that foot file looks lovely!
    oh! i had a feeling.
    :) i'm glad that you're doing better today. you're a beautiful girl. take care. <3
    i just looked at your 100 day keto update! oh my gosh. i'm smiling so hard at the not-bloated thing. at the beginning, i was SO bloated it was uncomfortable but now, i'm starting to become more normal and i think i'm getting close to the "never bloated" thing.
    and yikes, making food for other people must be hard. i honestly don't have energy to make my own food generally. i'd say that the smell of food drives me to eat more. fun fact: my sinuses are blocked 90% of the time. so that's a funny reason.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Jag vill också ha en sådan fotfil :D

  3. Hang in there!! House hunting is really hard. The right one will come along. : )

  4. Why DON'T we come with an off switch? Struggling with that issue myself lately. Sorry the house didn't work out for you, but it's definitely worth it to wait on the right place :) I don't think weight based rewards are good for me personally right now, but I really should think of some other way to treat myself when I'm doing we'll. The iPhone sounds like a REALLY mice reward! I'll have to look at the foot thing when I am on a proper computer...

  5. Yes, I want an 'off' button too!
    Oh man, I'm jealous of you getting a FitBit! I'm horrible with phones, they either break or die. I bought a Lifeproof case when I got my current phone, and so far it's held up okay. Also, my mum has one of those Scholl thingies and she swears it's amazing though I've not really tried it.
    I'm sorry to hear the house didn't look so great in reality. Fingers crossed you find one soon.

  6. eggs with butter. yes. but mayo i find yucky (i have always hated every form of condiment known to mankind).
    and eggs with cream cheese as well is absolutely darling. *w*
    i will try to make the chocolate mousse thing (when i am not lazy) and freezing it. though i doubt it will work :( i am one of those people that not only screw up recipes all the time (i mess up any recipe that requires more than 2 steps), when i crave ice-cream - i want the actual stuff. in my case, i want Ben and Jerry's and Baskin Robbins. just those. nothing else. dpkfpskgs i do not like this.
    i think i will keep on doing what i'm doing - if i feel like death with it, i'll just time it before/after a workout so that my body is utilising it at least.
    i do not have any ketostix around here, but i am guessing i am one of those people that can stay on a higher (50g net carbs) intake than most people without being out of keto. my body is getting there. i am still very tired but not as sick. i'll keep on doing it UNTIL i am not losing weight off it. then i am thinking of cutting my carbs to under 20-30g net carbs.

    i hope you are doing well, beautiful xxx

    -Sam Lupin

  7. i don't think i've seen BBQ in our house for like...months, but that sounds like a niiiiiiiiiice combination.
    i also use Philadelphia. but my house will only get the low-fat kind >_<
    i think they are everyone's "default" cream cheese.
    my cheat is using tuna/cream cheese or tuna/butter to not make me sick of tuna. tuna is so easy to get sick from it's sad. :( at least for me!
    oh. oh. oh. have you ever tried shirataki noodles? if you cook them properly (i use an air-dryer and cook them there, and then coat them in soy sauce), then they suck in any flavour. i used to have issues with shirataki as they did not "maintain" flavour at all, but after i used them in the air fryer = they stick onto flavour quite nicely.
    i think the air-fryer would be the equivalent of an oven.
    i love mine but the problem is it naturally drains fat from food. so it is hell trying to add fat in food with it around. but it's my main source of cooking. right now i'm mostly cooking beef/chicken/etc on the stove, letting it suck up oil and then using the air dryer to minimise oil loss.

    -Sam Lupin