Sammy, Tempest??

You guys have Tumblr accounts don't you?? 
Maybe you want to hop on the 100 day keto challenge


  1. i'm on board. starting tomorrow! weigh in tomorrow (i guess). i suck at weighing in anyway. this should be fun. are you doing it? :D this is amazing.

  2. I'm still not 100% ready for keto, but I think I'm inching closer... sure, I'll do the challenge!

  3. omg i found both your 100 day keto challenges on tumblr. and i've found Tempest's one on tumblr (http://thestormiswithin.tumblr.com/tagged/keto) and also, yours - in case Tempest is reading this comment (http://iwillbelosingith.tumblr.com/tagged/100dayketochallenge).
    i'm doing mine on blogger *shiny shiny shiny* (because i am tumblr shy. don't ask why). you should see my first post up for day 1 by today xx

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Tempest, you don't have to do pure keto, the plan you are following works too :)
    This sounds fun :)

    Looking forward to read both of your posts :)