Changing up the diet..

I'm still coughing like I am going to die.. I actually think I might have bruised couple of my ribs cause it really hurts when I even brush my hand over that area.. Hubby did a Google search and apparently it can happen :s If it still hurts the way it was yesterday I think I should see a doc just to make sure nothing is off.. Anyways..

I haven't as I mentioned on my post doing LCHF since I got sick, and the more I think about it, I don't think I want to go back to the strict LCHF. I miss having fruits and more varied selection of veg. I will still do low carb, avoid sugar, wheat, and refined carbs, as much as possible, letting most of my carbs come from fruit and veg.

Hopping on and off LCHF has also thought me to chose clean products, instead of all the low fat stuff I used to buy. I look at what they contain and try to choose products with the shortest list possible.  I also eat 90% of my food from small plates now. It is starting to make sense now.. I have always heard and our mind looks at food and how much it is on a plate, using smaller plate makes it look more and even though you eat the same amount of food, having it on a small plate makes it look like you are eating so much more.. Who knew it works??

Remember back in September last year with I had the talk to the nutritionist and she told me I need to start eating more in the mornings? I think I am going to give that a try.. For real.. Letting breakfast being my largest meal hasn't been something I have really ever tried. Not unless it has been hungover pizza the day after a night out, and even that hasn't happen in AGES.

I dropped the idea as soon as she spoke of it back then, but I guess if the plate thing is working, why shouldn't I give the breakfast thing a go??

Anywho.. Lets see how this round goes.. It can't get any worst that it has now has it?? (Oh dear God, please don't let me jinx this too!) ..


  1. don't die, Cupid!
    yeah. it can happen from what i know as well. didn't bat an eyelash when you said it. that's awful, honey :( aw.
    strict LCHF could be...very discouraging i'd say.
    so Paleo? it sounds like Paleo.
    i laugh in the face of low-fat right now. it feels like a myth.
    a small plate is annoying to me. for me, i use a big plate, but when i do i feel like i ate massive amounts of food because of the size of the plate. i rarely look at the food. i interact with the plate more.
    eating more in the mornings can work for you. it wouldn't work for me. the opposite works for me. the thing is i normally do eat breakfast.
    i hope you're going to get better soon! i love you Cupid! i hope your son's well and i hope all things are well in that house. <3

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I just started reading your blog but like it and yay breakfast!! I'm the same way ... I've never tried making it a bigger meal. I'll be interested in how it goes for you.