She's alive!

I am the suckiest blogger! I just have been sucking in so many ways that I just haven't been wanting to admit it to my self...

Anyways, here is an update of how things have been since my last post..

The shrink I have been seeing has been on her holiday so I haven't seen her for a few weeks.. It has been a battle, and I am looking forward to have her back.. Unfortunately there is still a couple of weeks before I have my next appointment. So I am trying to stay as positive as possible and just wait for her to get back..

I also had a follow up with my doctor, and she had gotten the results of my blood-work back.. I had dangerously low levels of D- vitamin, and my iron levels were on the edge of also being dangerously low.. This explains why I have been so freaking tired.. I have been going to bed around 8 and never feeling fully rested regardless of the amount of sleep I have been getting.. I have also been more moody than usual (my mood has been pretty steady since I started the anti depression meds).. Anywho.. I started on the supplements today and she told I should be feeling much better in a couple of days.. She also prolonged my sick leave until end of July, which means I will keep working 50% until then. We also talked about reducing my anti depression pills to the lowest dose in June.. They don't seem to have that much of affect without the therapy, and we want to try to see if I can skip the pills all together when I get back on with my session again..

This probably doesn't make sense for those of you not living in Sweden, but this also means we can wait longer with trying to get pregnant, cause as long as I am on my sick-leave they can not reduce the amount of money I will get paid when I go on my mommy leave next time around.. If I wasn't on a sick-leave I would have to get pregnant by august to protect my mommy leave income - but now we don't have that pressure on us.. Well on me.. Cause even though I do want another kid, I am not ready for it yet. We have talked about it.. And we have decided to try for another baby somewhere around end of fall... Which would mean another baby by end of 2015..

I also got informed that I will be leaving a day earlier for our company trip in September. Me and some of my co-workers are supposed to be there and prep the tech stuff so we are ready when the rest of them arrive the day after.. Which means an extra evening in the sun! I am really looking forward to that.. It will be the first time I am away from my son since he was born, but the idea of the sun is just too tempting to pass!
I remade my chart, to wipe away the failed couple of weeks I have had behind me, and to extend it to last until around the time I am leaving for the company trip- which will be end of September..

My main goal is to lose weight (as always), but since numbers can sometimes not be what we want them to be, if I manage to shop at a "normal store" I will be happy with the results.. My plan is to follow LCHF diet, but to practice proper portion control. I keep failing with my portions and one way or another I have to get a grip and start learning how much to eat.. I will be using myfitnesspal more and if any of you has a account there and aren't my MFP friend, feel free to add me.. My username is Sheislosingit82.. Do leave me a msg saying who you are, cause there are a whole lot of weirdos who keep adding you and I really don't want a bunch of random friends there..

We are still looking after a new place, but we are taking our time until we find the perfect home. I will make sure to post a link if/when we find something :)

I guess that's it for now ladies!



  1. you suck? nope. you're gorgeous.
    and i'm glad you're alive. being alive is good. you're alive. you didn't suck at being alive so...yeah. i love you.
    good luck with staying positive honey. it could be a struggle.
    i don't know how much i agree on with that doc of yours. i do hope the iron and vitamin D helps though.
    it doesn't really make much sense for me, but i do try to get it. and aw! that sounds adorable. i think that you should go for it. and hope it works.
    LCHF. i'm on that too (well this is the third day)! what i realised one of the big mistakes people make is that their fat levels are less than 50% (that's not HF). i always thought it was more of a high protein thing. apparently, nope. its more of a high fat thing and oh wow - high fat is fun. high protein is boring.
    i love you, Cupid. <3

    -Sam Lupin

  2. No I'm a suckier blogger clearly!! Hope the vitamin D helps. I am chronically tired too and have been starting vitamins although I've found in the past they don't usually help me that much. A little time on your own will be really nice. I'm sure you need a break.