Finally getting started...

So glad this horrid weekend is over. It was the most horrid weekend I have ever had with my borfriend since we  moved together... Actually since ever..

Anyways finally hitting the gym. We are gonna leave for Prague on friday and will be away this weekend, so I am aiming for an hour of cardio today -wednesday and Thursday.

The plan is to start with an hour of cardio, 30 mins on elliptical and 30 min of walking on the treadmill. I think it is a smart way to start since I haven't been training for a looong while.

Weight 104,5 kg (230 lbs)
I had a bfast bar
Grilled chicken filet with around 50 grams of sugarsnaps for lunch
A bite of fish and some sugar snaps for dinner but the fish tested horrid so I ended up having a banana
I wasn't going to eat more, but I was starving closer to the night so I had a sandwich with dark bread and ham.
Other than that I have had a few cups of green tea and black coffee and water.

And it's almost embarrassing to say but I am at such a bad shape that I felt like I was going to puke after 5 mins on the elliptical fat burn program.. But I did the whole thing.. But ya gonna hit the gym everyday this week before we leave for prague.

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