The horrid feeling of pain....

Been an insanely long weekend.. Barely got any proper sleep... All the driving.. Feels like my body is just smooshed..

This is one of the downsides of having fibromylagi.. If you don't have a "inn day" with proper rest you go feeling like crap.. And in pain.... I have been avoiding painkillers.. So now.. If i take one.. The day after feels like a hell of a huge hangover... That's how I feel today..

Didn't get to print out anything either.. But ya... Enough complains I guess. I know by now that I need to adjust my everyday to the illness.. So today I am keeping the diet.. And letting the gym be.. I got to print some charts out at work.. Still need to print some more.. But ya...

Anyways, so far today I have had a grilled chicken filet with around 70 grams of sugarsnaps. I have had a bunch to drink- green tea- water- black coffe

And for dinner, I'm gonna make some sort of soup... I dunno yet. But I read a tad more about that "dieting for an event, and I think I might have misunderstood how you need to figure out the amount of protein vs calories.. Need to read more about it.....

Anyways.. Gonna try to focus on work.. Try being the main word..


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my post yesterday. Even though you weren't sure waht to say I felt better knowing someone else could relate.

    Thank you

    ~ H

    I hope you're able to get a porper rest day so your fibromylagi isn't as painful :(

  2. Thanks Harlow,

    Feeling much better today, will be up and running tomorrow I think.

    And yes..I do relate to it in many level, the one that hit me the most was the part with your mom.. My relationship with mine has never been... good.. Now that I live in another country its easier.. but ya..

    Anyways.. Hope you have a better day today, :)