My dear friend Mick...

Last night I was chatting with this friend of mine, and it was funny to see how much he belives in me and what I am able to achive. It really gave me a boost.
When I got to work today, I saw there was this mail from the gym my co has the deal with. They needed some info from me to be able to fix the gym card. I hope they are ready soon.I really want to get on with it. 
This weekend we are going away for my fiances competition. It will be 6 hour ish drive each way, and we are spending the whole weekend away. I'm not sure if I'll have my gym card before we leave, but I'm aiming to have full control of my eating this week, and get on with gym from next monday. The gym card should be ready by then. 
I have thought about the gym, I remember, a few years back, when I was good and actually went to the gym, I started going there every day. And my shape wasnt really any better than it is now to start with. I'd do 30 mins of fat burn on the Elliptical, and then 30 mins of weight training. I guess my new goal is going to be 30 min of cardio and 30 mins of weight training every other day, and an hour of cardio every other day. 
I want to take one day off in the weekend and do piltas on the other. Depending on the program the gym offers. I want to go like that for 3 weeks and then add another 30 mins to the cardio plan, and do an hour of cardio+ 30 mins weight every other day and 1,5 hour cardio every other. 
I'm not sure about how much weight training I'll do, but I do need to train my arms cause of the fibromyalgi, and need to do alot of tummy, back training. I think the leggs will get enough from the cardio. I dunno.. I wish someone would just hand me a plan and say "GO" .. 

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