Yet another calculation..

So I have been calculating a tad. Like having an eating plan.
For bfast Ill have my K Bliss, that is 88 cals.
Lunch will be a grilled chicken filet with 1,5 dl couscous with half spoon of olive oil. that is a total of 411 cals.
Ill hit the gym after the work and do 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of weight training.
After workout I'll have VLCD shake. 112 cal.
Dinner will be veg and another grilled chicken filet 213 cal.
And I have the option of two wholewheat crakers which is 53 cals if I feel like I need something to eat before the gym.
Along with my coke zero, and green tea it all ends up under 900 calories a day. Ill ofc drop the shake and the crackers on the days I take day off the gym.
I also want to start doing pilates. I want to do that in the rest days. I hope my gym membership is ready soon. I really want to get on with it.

Anyways... As it is now my weight is twice as much as it should be. I am 162 cm tall. So something between 53-58 kg would be a good weight for me. I dont really want to go into how bad it is now. but I need to get rid of half of me to be able to reach that goal. I want to get thin and toned.

Yesterday I went shopping.. And it was a nightmare... I wasnt looking at what stuff looked like anymore.. It all was about sizes and the wonders of "will I even fit in this".. I am basicly a walking talking huge fat blub.. I can't wait for it all to be off.. OFF!!!! I want to be able to go to my favo store and pick up normal sized cloths and look the way I wish to look. I want to be able to wear  high heels without my ankles being in pain from the second I put them on cause I'm so fat and so heavy..
I have always loved fashion.. The cloths... The shoes... I just love shoes.. The good thing about shoes is that they always fit.. They dont make you feel fatter than you are cause they dont fit..
Anyways.. I want to actually be able to wear some of the stuff I just see in the magazines..

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