Pain.. Sweet pain...

Right.. So I can barely move without everything hurting ALOT.. But it is kind of nice too....


Todays weight : 103,7 (228.6 lbs)

I skipped bfast
Had a grilled chicken filet and a porsjon of whole grain couscous

Will update more later today.

I had a really low enerylevel yesterday.. Work was very demanding and I felt horrid at the end of the day. My fiance picked me up and I just went home and crashed on the sofa.

No gym... I really couldn't...

Had a portion of rice and chicken stew for dinner.

And then I had a mini I'm too tired to handle the pain breakdown... And my bf, as loving as he is got me a cookie to cheer me up.. My mind was screaming DO NOT EAT THE COOKIE.. But my body craved it...

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