Happy new year ladies!

I hope you all had a great celebration and are ready to grab the new year by it's balls! As a true new year rutine, I am going to put up this years to do list hehe

  1. I am finally going to get my drivers license... 
  2. I am going to figure out what I want to do with my career by this summer and start putting the plan into action. 
  3. Exercise!!! I really need to get back in shape.. 
  4. Get rid of all this extra weight... First step is to lose all the stupid weight I gained last year. 
  5. Make a new close irl friend... 
Also this year - hubby and I are going to try to get pregnant. We aren't going to do it right away. We just have agreed on going for it this year. We both have agreed to take some time to get back in shape - I need to lose some weight.. He needs to gain some weight (oh the irony lol) - anywho - I wanna lose a minimum of 50 lbs before we start trying for it.. and that is ttly doable..
I am going to keep using the foods allowed for now - and after my mom goes home (She is arriving on Thursday and will leave on Sunday) - I am going to go back on my 2 shake and a high protein meal again. I am going to eat high protein, low carb stuff just as I want during the weekends to get the weekend break. I lost good amount of weight both on the low carb, and the 2 shake and a "salad" diet before.. And I think if I hadn't gone on a huge binge mode that I would be able to keep the weight off too..

Leaving that in the past now.. I am going to make a change to the food allowed tab and make a list for the low carb stuff too.

Erm.. What else.. Ya.. I have been sick since before Christmas, this cold is getting worse.. It's just so WTF lol .. I get better for couple of days, and then it gets really bad again, and get I get better for half a day, to feel worse later lol It is so annoying :P Oh and as if everything was blissful, I got my period last night . Great way to start the newyears wont you say so lol.. Tomorrow is time to get back to reality, work it is.. It will be so hard to get up that early.. But this week its only 3 days of work, so it's not that bad.

Anyway, should get off for now :) Wishing you all a great day and hope that this year will bring you loads of joy, happiness, and skinny habits hehe



  1. Your hubby needs to gain weight! Don't men make you sick? Not fair. Hubby starts a new diet today. I'm just going to work on getting to my fav number. Your goals all sound totally doable. Best of luck. I know you can do it.

  2. yummy. grabbing it by its balls, eh? dirty girly.
    gaaaaaaaah. the high protein seems like a sad way to live. unless it's peanut butter. but PB has carbs too...eh...
    nommy baby!
    50lbs. eeps. sounds like loads.
    skinny habits, ehehehe. <3
    :3 thanks for teh wishes.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. once again, a bit late but "happy new year kitty!!!!"

    i'm also getting my DL this year! I'll do it in February I think once my new passport comes and my course load is slightly better.

    and ya, lets exercise, i got 10 extra christmas pounds to lose on top of what i already needed to get rid of :/