One of those days...

You know those days.. Where you get out of bed and think.. OMG I should not get out of bed today... Well I am having one of those days.. 

It started with an argue with the hubby in the car on our way to work.. We are ok now but ya.. Then the stupid morning meeting.. And then I finally get to get some coffee.. Came back.. Got a call.. And managed to spill the whole thing over my laptop.. It splashed over my new LED screen... And the rest ended up on the floor.. *sigh*

Now I have no coffee.. Am more tired than tired and it stinks floor coffee here... *sigh* AND on top of everything.. I think I am getting a cold cause I am sneezing and have some ear ache.. 

Anyways.. On the bright side.. I didn't give into the B/P last night.. I have been avoiding it for so many weeks that I just started thinking about how crap I would feel and just went to bed... 

Today is chill at work... Well most likely cause I am too tired and CBA to do shit.. 

After work we going to have yet another look at a flat we saw on Sunday.. It is really big for a flat.. It has 3 bedrooms- a big living room- the bathroom was fixed and renewed a year ago so it looks good. We would need to fix the kitchen and we would want to put a wall to wall wardrobe in the hall cause it is HUGE and it would be perfect to have it there-- but other than that it is pretty much ready to move in. It is placed in the middle of two parks and it's around 20 mins walk to the old town with the coffee shops and so on- around 15 mins walk to the harbour. We thought it was a bit over the budget for us- but we have looked over how much we earn and so on and we can manage it without a problem. So today we are going to have a look at it again, and if we still like it- we are going to bid on it. 

We still need to clear out our flat so they can come and take pictures of it so they can put it out and sell it. But we don't really think it will be a problem to sell our old flat. But ya I'm not going to jinx it.. So if everything goes after plan we will be moving out in a month- 6 weeks ish.. That would be great cause we really need more space. 

I need to go shopping soon.. It is getting pretty cold and I barely have any warm cloths.. I might just get online since I don't know when I would have time to go shopping again.. It's just not as fun :( 

Anyways I don't have much else to say today... 


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  1. Hope your day has gotten better and good luck with getting the new flat. Moving can be a pain in the butt but exciting too.