I have a new motto..

One step at the time..

I am so sick of my self trying to do over plan every single step of my life and then panicking if something unplanned happens. But guess what.. I am going to teach my self to take one step at the time.. What ever is going to happen will happen no matter how much I try to control everything.. So from now on I am going to worry and deal with things when/if they happen.

Like my hair salon time.. They couldn't fit me in for the Brazilian blow dry until .. October 13th.. Until now I would totally go mental and be in wtf mode.. Now I am chilling and thinking OK- my hair will look good for Christmas time.. hehe..

I am also taking a whole new outlook on the baby stuff.. I am done trying to convince my self that I don't want it to happen. I am done trying my fucked up mind control it.. I love my hubby.. I want to have kids with him.. I have always been wanting this.. I am not going to ruin it for me and for him being all "I dunno" about it.. I mean.. For all we know it might not happen before a few months.. It's not like people get pregnant the second they decide to. AND we didn't last month using no rubber at all... So the plan is to keep restricting the calories and pick up the training and IF I get pregnant I will deal with it then. They actually recommend light training during the whole pregnancy so it doesn't mean I can not get stronger during the thing as well as before..

And you know what girls.. I have never ever seen my hubby being so stressed over a subject.. He said "I am worried that you will regret the pregnancy and the baby and I wont be able to deal with it" ... OMG.. I can not believe I have let him think that I would regret it all.. Cause I would never.. Ever...

Anyways over to food and so on.. My tummy is pretty upset after the weekend. I am taking it easy with food and so far I have basicly have had a banana (it's lunch time now)-- I am also trying to drink a bunch of water cause I feel so thirsty all the time.. I guess my body needs it to balance it self back again...

I have also decided to cut the step two to only once a day- and that with dinner time. That is my main meal of the day with something hot to eat- so I think that is the right way to go.. I don't want to stress up my tummy like this again :S I got on the scale today.. I haven't lost or gained.. But it is sort of weird cause I have been really sick lol.. So I was suspecting that I would weigh in less.. But I guess being this bloated is messing it up?? I dunno... hmm...

Now that I am feeling better I am also back to counting calories and writing down the intake again. So that is good.. I guess we will see if it gets better by Thursday when I have my next date with the scale.. The scale... AKA THE evil lover.. Can't live with it.. Can't stand to be without it hehe

This week started more chill at work.. I still have a whole bunch of cases that are left from last week.. But I think I will be done with most of it today. *keeps them crossed*

We also finally got to place our wedding gifts - returned a couple- used out gift vouchers. We got us a Nespresso pixie  and a food processor from the Jamie Oliver Tefal series.. We got us a fun surprise when we got home and saw that it also had a blender in the pack.. hehe.. Got a bunch of small stuff for the rest of the vouchers so it was a whole lot of fun..

I also got around to write most of the thank you cards- and to sort the guestbook- picked out around 36 pictures we asked the photo dude to fix. I must say it is good to have most of the wedding related things done. All that is left is to pay the guys that filmed the wedding ( we still haven't received the bill ) and to fix the photo book when we get the pictures...

We are still flat hunting.. We saw this flat yesterday which would be perfect for us in every way.. We would need to have the kitchen fixed- but I guess that is a good thing since we will be able to have it done the way we want it.. We have to sort out and see if we can afford it cause it is a tad over the budget we were planning on spending. But then again.. It is also much bigger and central placed than we though we could have it.. So we will see..

Anyways :) We will see how it goes :)



  1. Yeah, you're right. I just have to get back on track again. And yes, I had fun. Even though I was embarrassed for always having something in my mouth :P

    I'm glad to hear things are going better for you! <3

  2. I hope step two goes better for you. Cutting down to once a day would probably be a good idea. I need to try to take things one step at a time. I keep trying to skip some steps and make things happen sooner than I actually can.