I am tired.. Overly stressed at work.. And barely get any sleep... I feel like I am on the edge on everything hubby says or does... EVERYTHING annoys me..

I miss being able to just go home- eat something and go to bed.. and sleep... and sleep... and sleep.. I love my hubby.. Don't misunderstand me.. But I fucking need a break to breath and sleep :S

I can not deal with him keeping me up till midnight every night with his noise and so on.. 5-6 hours of sleep isn't enough when I am as tired as I am.. I just need some time to fucking be..


Need to get off again..

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  1. Funny how we were both really slow at work and things have picked up now. I don't think I'm busy as you right now although I was last week. So, maybe hubby needs to turn the TV down? Maybe tell him you need quiet to sleep? I'm sure he'll understand. Get some rest.