Monday morning.. *yawn*

So I'm back to work.. And it is still vacation mode here. So it's not much to do. But there are a whole new bunch of people starting today. Our company is growing so there are a whole bunch of new employees here. Thinking about work :) I am officially an employee here. My trial contract was out a week ish ago. So this is great ^^

Anyways.. I keep getting AFK here.. Damn work getting in my way of blog time :P . But almost lunch time :)
I have a new plan about what my eating/training days will be like. So this is what I am thinking:

- During work day I will eat couple pieces of fruit where one will be a banana and couple of corn/rice cake. Drink green tea- coffee and water. - If we are going to the gym, I will have a protein shake after. If not then some low fat yoghurt or something similar that is low in calorie. - Work days aren't normally where my problems are.. It is dinner time I need to get a grab on. I am putting down a few rules for dinner time, and these are:

  • If I have a "I am starving" day. I will start my meal with a green salad. 
  • I will eat only one portion. If I am still hungry I can have an additional portion of veg as a second. 
  • I will have my food served- I will use a blue one since so many say it will keep the appetite down, and well blue is pretty.
  • I will make my portion on the kitchen counter and not serve all the food on the table. ( For me it's easier to overeat if I everything is just there).. 
  • I will only eat oven baked/ grilled/ steamed or cooked food. No frying ( We don't fry our food that often, but still)
- I am aiming to keep my daily calories no more than 1200. But I will be going on a weekly amount of calorie and not daily. I want to be able to work around it for dinners out. So a weekly amount of 8400 per week.
- I will also write down everything I eat in the old fashion way- and punch it in my counter in the end of the day. Most of the times I tend to overeat if I have room in my calorie budget. So I think maybe it's better to calculate it all in the end of the day to prevent that..
- I also am going to only weigh in twice a week. I have put Mondays and Thursdays for that. Once a week is too little for me, I would just ignore. But twice a week should be doable. I didn't get on the scale this morning,  so this week it will be Tuesday and Thursday. - Tonight I am going to take out the measuring tape- and measure up stuff. I am going to keep the numbers and redo it once a month. I think sometimes the scale can be harsher, so I guess it is something to look at when the scale is telling me my work isn't giving results.

Talking about "my work"- I am also aiming to get my butt to the gym 3 times a week. I am not going to aim for too much cause it means I can fail on it. At the gym I want to focus on cardio and light weight training. I also am going to use the couch to 5k to warm up or to finish up or instead of other cardio machines. I don't know how to work it in yet- but it will be there.. I really want to start running. It is one of my "can't do" things.. So I really really want to do it. There is a plan for it for those who want to do it on the treadmill. So it should be doable. I don't really see that much difference in the "normal" and the treadmill version of it.. I have the app on my cellphone so that makes everything much easier.

I am also going to get better on getting in a session on our WiiFitPlus.. We haven't used it yet since we bought it right before the wedding. So tonight I am going to put up the settings and fix it to my numbers. I aim to use it on the  days we don't get to the gym OR maybe I will even try to get up earlier in the mornings and do a before work yoga or something :) I don't know. One step at the time is what I aim for.

Hum... I think that is it for now. Eating less and get moving. That is the most sane way of doing it, isn't it?

As in for more pictures- here are a couple from the church and so on and one from our honeymoon, I will have to revome them before we go to Germany. :)

Edit: Pictures removed

Gotta get off here.. Kaos at work hehe..



  1. Good luck with the plan! I hope you can follow it and it works for you! It sounds like it should.

  2. That plan sounds really good! I always like making myself plans because they are easier to stick to then things like the abc diet or whatnot.

    I love the pictures, I hope you have a good day at work!

  3. sounds like a good plan! good luck! x

  4. Plan sounds reasonable! I too don't aim too high for so many days in the gym either. I am not a gym person so I have to be reasonable about it and not set myself up for failure.

  5. Sounds like an excellent plan to me, good luck and think thin! ^.^

  6. You looked fabulous on your wedding day! :)