Guys are stupid..


We got our wedding photo's.. The guy that tok the picture is a friend of our friend who does it as a job.. Anywho.. The moron was supposed to fix some of the pictures and send a copy of them to me before sending them to the movie guys so they could use it as the intro on the DVD's and for the cover and so on..

First of all he "forgot" to do the first part so he just sent them to the guys.. Instead of sending them 10 pictures as they had asked he had only sent 3- they needed 3 different.. And OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!! The guy fucking must be an utter idiot.. Cause he has chosen 3 pictures where we look like retards.. /sigh..

He also had "fixed" 30 ish pictures that he sent to me along with the rest of the pictures and OMG again :S The pictures he has fixed are so fucked up..

There is one from me where I am holding my boobs and my BFF is fixing the back of my dress.. Where my boobs look like they are falling out :S He has a frontal picture of that and he fixed that one?? WTF.. What the fuck was he thinking??

Or there is one from the back of my dress at the end of the night... There the tail is on the floor and the picture is focused on the tail.. And the tail is dirty cause it was rainy and we had walked a tad on a sandy road... and he has fixed that as a picture ?? WHY!!!!! Or he has fixed a pictures of the guys that were filming the wedding.. *sigh*

If there is 5 picture from the same moment.. where 4 looks AMAZING and 1 fucked up.. He has fixed the fucked up one.. My husband doesn't have the turkey neck.. And in every fucking picture he has fixed we look like we do...

Anyways I mailed him and tok him I wanted him to fix a selection of pictures that I decide.. That is what he should have done to begin with.. Ugg... Lets see what he says.. I am so fucking annoyed atm... *sigh* I do not understand how he can make a fucking living from doing this shit and be this way?

And I am mailing the guys that made the DVD's so see if we can swap any of the pics- hopefully we can change the pic that is used as the menu background cause it is horrid... Like really really horrid...

Ok.. I just got an email from him saying he will fix the pictures I decide.. I am glad he didn't argue about it.. Cause that would be even more annoying..

Yesterdays intake was OK. I over calculated a whole lot I think. I had two slices of thin crust pizza - for dinner. Which is actually VERY good, cause I normally overeat with pizza. It is one of my binge foods... Anyways.. Just to be sure I over calculated.

Today was weigh- in day. I have lost 0.7 lbs since Tuesday but I am going to weigh in again tomorrow, cause we ate really late last night and my body is a tad off. I am late .. again.. But I have taken like 4 tests and they were all negative so I'm not really worried about being pregnant. I guess my body just needs to adjust after all stress and travels. But I am sort of bloated and ya kind of meh.. If you know what I mean.

:( Gotta get back to work kaos... I will be away from tomorrow - getting back really late Sunday night. Leaving for Germany pretty early tomorrow morning.

Wishing you all a great weekend <3


  1. congrats on the loss even if its for a little bit. and boys are effing dumb but that was a pretty big fuck up so im sorry

  2. Bummer about the pics. Weddings cost a lot and pics cost a lot. You need them to do their job right. Oh, and good job on the 2 slices of pizza. I have to face pizza on saturday and don't know how I'll do cause it's my FAV!!