Yet another lunch time post :)

I am liking the idea about spending my lunch break on the blog.. Makes me look busy to others so they don't bug me with the "oh aren't you going to eat with us" comments.. It sure isn't the behind the PC work that makes office workers fat but all the damn office munching.. 

Anyways today after work we are going to pick up the film they made from our wedding day. Sort of dreading it lol.. One thing to see the flab on photo's another to see it in motion from every damn corner ... Blah.. Ah well... I guess it will be a reminder of what I do not to let my self reach ever ever again. 

I am getting a hold of the diet plan. It is easy to hold it light during the work day. And I have figure out a way to how deal with the hungry pang at the end of the day. 

I drink a cup of tea or coffee when the day is close to over- and when I get home I have eaten either a corn cake (around 8 calories per slice) - or a really light sandwich. And it keeps my tummy still until dinner. Yesterday I could have probably waited longer to eat dinner- but hubby and I try to always have dinner together. 

Making my portion ready in the kitchen has helped a whole lot. Now I only eat what is in my plate- and if I am hungry I just feel up on water. But to be honest, I haven't felt hungry after eating the dinner portion. I don't get that full either.. I guess this is how a normal portion size is supposed to be. 

Good news is that I have not purged for weeks. I guess being busy with the wedding- and then turning my focus on my hubby on the honeymoon and now focusing on portion control is the key. I feel very good about this. And for the first time in ages it feels like this is something that is working for me and my everyday. Giving my self a "realistic" calorie amount per day- and counting on weekly bases is helping me not to worry about the weekends trip. Also the whole "you can not eat this and that" pressure isn't that. I know that if I want something I can have it- I just need to have less of the other things. I know that this is something that "normal" people do on everyday bases- but for me it is not usual to think and act this way. And I am starting to enjoy the mind set. 

I have always been so extreme.. I either overeat and purge- or just overeat- or starve. I don't think I have had a normal eating pattern since I was 10 years old. Well around that age.. My eating is probably not something others would put in the healthy/normal manners- but I am happy with it. I guess that's what matters, if I am not happy with it I wont keep going on it either. 

I am also enjoying WII fit plus. I didn't burn all that much of calories doing it last night- but the combo of yoga- streching- and the light cardio did felt good. I think I will stick to doing 30 mins of it until end of this month and see what we can do about the gym when the opening hours are normal again. 

@ Tempest: There are places to walk around my work- but the thing is that the weather here is pretty crappy.   It rains very very often so I have a habit of just wait in the office until he gets here. But this is actually a very good idea. I will start walking down and meet him half way on the days there is no rain/snow :) 

@ Harlow: The sad thing is that the gym we use is actually supposed to be one of the best in the city. My job has a deal with it - and it used to be less than 1 mins walking distance from our old office. I was not aware that they would change their opening hours suddenly during summer time. If it was for only a couple weeks then it would be OK- but they started with them almost a month before the normal vacation time starts here- and they are keeping them for another month after it is over.. So it really sucks... :S They are also pretty expencive.. So you would think they would be more flexible with the hours.. Ah well.. Lesson learned I guess :) 

@Kes: Thanks hon :) We love the flat too- we are going to see if it is as good as the pictures on Monday ^^

@Fed Up: It does look sort of IKEA ish I guess hehehe.. I guess I don't think about it cause it is normal to have the the style here in the nordics :) The location also perfect.. I must say.. I can not stop staring at the ugly hair wall papare combo's they have in the living room.. Or the matching wallpaper to the drawers in the bedroom.. lol It is one of those things that it is so bad that you have to keep looking at it ^^ A paint job and some cute furnishing will make it look so much better..

To the rest of you... Thank you so much for the comments on my last few posts. I am sorry that I don't always on your blogs- Sometimes I start writing a comment but then I just nvm it cause I can come across too directly and I don't want to hurt/offend people. But I can say for sure that I almost always read the blogs and posts you make :) 

Anyways lunch break almost over. I will check-in tonight for the numbers. 



  1. I'm glad you are doing well with your diet! Hopefully you'll see great results with it and it will be easy to maintain the results. Have a good rest of the day!

  2. congratulations on not purging for so long keep up the great work!!