Back.. Again..

I'm sorry but I am sort of too tired and too confused to post.. Germany trip was good.. Very emo.. Finally got my period again.. But being almost a week late has given me cramps from hell..
Work is insane and it will be pretty bad this week, since it is only 2 of us left.. We have a bunch of new employee's but they all just started are on their trainee program. So I am really really worn out..

This weekend was Ok with food. I didn't get to write down or count things but I didn't eat much. I didn't drink much either :S Which is probably the reason why I have the headaches and feel so dried out..

I am starting to write down and count calories again tomorrow and I will weigh in again on Friday. My period should be way couple days before then and I shouldn't be as bloated.


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  1. It's that time of month for me too! Grrr. Hang in there.