Lunch break post :)

Today has been sort of busy at work. The fact that I have been very tired is probably also a factor in why I haven't been on much hehe.
I didn't get up on time for the Wii this morning. We got to bed soo late.. My hubby was being a brat playing on the wii for hours lol.. He is sort of cute this way and his bratness (if that is a word but you know what I mean) is one of the reasons why I love him.. But he had today off-- and I didn't and around 4 hours of sleep is just a little too little for me. He is the type of person that falls sleep before his head hits the pillow.. While I have trouble getting sleep and I am a very light sleeper. Anyways.. I am going to do the program tonight.

Our gym hours are still very crappy until end of this month- I dunno if you remember me posting about their changed summer time hours.. By the time we are home and on our way barely 30 mins of their opening hours is left.. Hubby and I drive together to/from work since he works outside the city he can drive me to work- it is a 5 mins ish detour. But that means that I always have to wait for him after work- and that we get home late cause of the rush hours. We are going to change to a different one as soon our contract runs our. But that is still months away. Mine runs out around end of March I think and his close to end of this year.

We are also looking to buy a new bigger flat now. We saw this one close to the park where we got married, and I really loved it. We gonna try and see if we can get a viewing of the place today. Here are some pictures from the add. Some painting- and our own furniture would make it really nice. The balcony is HUGE!! its almost as big as my old flat in Oslo lol.. And the park being walking distance from it is very very nice. The area is also close to very nice school and so on for the future plans. So keep them crossed :)

Meh, lunch break was over 15 mins ago and I sort of got distracted.

Right.. So I got on the scale today. And I am 6.1 lbs down since we got back from the honeymoon. So far so good.. 124 to go lol :P I have changed my goal weight again.. I keep having trouble deciding

I keep losing track of my thought. It is really busy at work today. I guess I will just publish this post and see if I can make one later..



  1. I hate gums with crappy hours, it's so incredibly frustrating because you try and plan your schedule aroun the gym. I've been there. Now I pay a little bit extra and belong to a chain gym and I can use any gym anywhere across the country.

    My Bf does a lot of qui (fit) too, I however can't seem to get into it !

  2. 6.1 lbs!! Awesome. I too have a harder time going to sleep...and hubby just falls into sleep in minutes. No fair!

  3. oh, I checked out the flat b/c I love looking at houses! It's gorgeous. So modern, sleek and stylish. It reminds me of ikea! Hope you can get it.

  4. I have a hard time getting to sleep too. I don't have a nearby gym or a wii or any sort game system with exercise games. It makes exercise so boring. Congrats on the loss! Keep it up! And that flat looks gorgeous! I like it a lot!

  5. Is there anywhere nice to walk while you're waiting for hubby to pick you up from work? You make a beautiful couple. The picture of you two facing away and leaning into each other is especially sweet.

  6. I'm in love with that apartment, haha.