The wedding, honeymoon and all that jazz....

The wedding went OK .. I say OK because a whole bunch of things went wrong hehehe 
I love my hubby, and I must say I will never ever ever do this again lol... I know many brides say they do.. But I don't.. I am taking it for what it was.. Gonna save the best of it and enjoy the rest of my life with my Mr. Blue Eyes (That's what I often call my hubby ^^)..  I btw love to call him my husband .. 
Lets start with the start.. One of my bridesmaids managed to be like 15 mins late even when she knew we were waiting for her in the limo.. (Don't ask me why.. *sigh*)... So we were late for church... When we got there, one of our friends came out with our flowers and my bouquet's flowers were kind of... Well lets just say they weren't fresh... And looked half brown... *sigh*
The musician .. Well I think he was "in the zone" cause he sort of kept playing :P He played for like 10 minutes after I was at the alter lol.. Kind of funny but ya.. After all that we went to the port to take some pictures.. I hope they got nice, cause we couldn't go where we had planned to go and had to hit another place and we sort of didn't have much room to take different pictures.. The wind was REALLY harsh so it kind of messed my hair lol
We went to the park where we were to meet the others. And it started raining lol... We got to the gazibo just to realise that the people that were taking care of it hadn't done their job. They were supposed to serve people drinks and fruit while they were waiting for us.. But they didn't start serving before we got there.. Anywhoo :P
The dinner was fine.. Good food.. But I had some issues with my dress.. The front kept gliding down (I had no bra since it has inner lining) so after a while I asked got helped by my bridesmaids and got a bra on.. It didn't helped much but ya... hehehe.. Mid dinner the sun came out.. So after the desert we went out and tok some more pictures.. Family pics and so on.. 
Then the DJ came.. And no one would dance lol .. I mean OMG.. This is the problem with nordic people.. They can not let lose unless they are drunk.. And we didn't serve alcohol with dinner.. 
The servers were I dunno... They didn't do much of what we had asked.. The bar that was supposed to be open after the dinner weren't.. If it wasn't for our toastmaster nothing would be in time... He did an amazing job... Anywhoo.. They were supposed to serve drinks all night.. But no.. Almost by end of the night.. Someone told me they were taking money to serve at the bar :S -- They were only to do that for the alcohol not anything else... 
They also were late serving our cake.. And then the most horrid thing happened.. They put a fucking firework thing on top of my beautiful cake when they were taking it out.. I felt my tummy turn when I saw it... Who the fuck does that?? It was not fucking 4th of July.... My BFF saw my face and got rid of it as soon as they got the cake on the table.. But it is on film for the rest of our lives .. lol .. Look... 
And those girls in the picture are the "smart" ones who put the freaking thing on top of my cake... *Sigh*.. Ah well.. Anyways.. Long story short.. I am glad I have an amazing husband hehe and yes I did have a good time   and I am glad we are done hehe :) 
The honeymoon was nice too. I was disappointed over Rome tbh.. The city was dirty, the people weren't what you would call friendly and everything was overpriced.. We saw everything that was to see but most of our time was spent being honeymooners . We were in Rome for 5 nights and then we tried to get to Barcelona.. And yes I say try cause that is what it was.. 
We got to the airport 2 hours early and when we wanted to check in we were told that the flight was overbooked and they couldn't get us on it...... The moron behind the desk couldn't say if we would get on the next flight either cause that too was overbooked.. Apparently the italian airline has a habit of overbooking all it's flights cause as they put it "it is legal" ... I mean WTF.... And then the moron managed to say "oh but we will make sure that you can stay here for the night" WTF.... We didn't spend that much money to stay at the airport.. And yes ladies.. You are right.. I flipped... I really flipped.. I was so pissed I could hit someone... Those tickets weren't exactly cheap either.. And they say " we will make sure that you have a place to stay" .. Fuck off.. lol Right.. After I screamed at a her.. and her manager. and her managers manager.. We got on the plane at the last minute... *Sigh* 
I loved Barcelona... The city was clean.. And people much more friendly. The shopping scene rocked.. And we had loads of fun.. I bought a few things ... This really cute purse I love.. Which isn't something I would normally buy.. (I am more of a black purse kind of girl)... It is from the brand Desigual.. I also bought something else I have been wanting for ages.. It is an IPL thingi.. And it is sort of a bright light which makes the hairs on the body go on this sleep mode- so as long as you keep using it you will be hairfree.. We bought it for almost couple of hundred dollars less than what it costs here. 
Anyways.. We had a whole lot of fun, ate mostly good food.. But no one of us is used to high carb food so we have gained a whole bunch. Well he hasn't gained but he has this pouch lol.. We are going back to the gym tomorrow.. I have already lost 4 lbs of the many gained pounds eating our normal diet since yesterday... Oh and girls I am sorry to say, but I don't think I can post that many pics.. I talked to my hubby and he agreed to the one I posted but he isn't really keen on me posting pics on this blog.. I will have to remove that one after a while too. I will see what to do :) 

Anyways.. I have to be off now.. Tomorrow is a work day- working only 4 days this week since we are heading to Germany on Friday for the weekend. We are visiting my fathers sister and mum there.. I don't really have a relationship with them, but she is getting really old so it might be my last chance to see her. I will make a post tomorrow with the new gym/diet plan.. 
Oh and I want to say welcome to the new followers, if I am not following your blog and you want me to, leave me a comment with your blog link and I will :) 



  1. Weddings always seem to have something go awry! The firework on your cake, ridiculousness!

    At least you got on the flight and it sounds like you had a good honeymoon!

    Congrats on getting married!

  2. Aw I am glad you managed to have a fun time even though not everything went as planned. Sounds exciting though =)
    Congratulations on being married!!

  3. Wow! Sounds crazy but you knew going into it that all would not be perfect, it wasn't and so you have had a great attitude about it. Glad you had fun despite all craziness and 4 lbs lost already...great!! If there are any pics of just you or if you could edit the hubs out to respect his privacy that would be cool.