A fix for my fibro pains?? A tad of flex.. And a whole lot of blab :)

Aiit.. So I haven't had the time to make a proper post in a while. Things at work have been INSANE since I got back from the honeymoon. Hopefully as I mentioned in my last post it all will be chill from the next week :)

@FedUp: You are right hehe.. It is sort of funny how the work was dead and suddenly there is barely time to breath :)

Now.. Lets start with the trip to Germany.

The weekend was good. I met my aunt and gran (from my dads side).. I don't meet them much and haven't really had a relationship with them since my mum remarried the asshole of a stepdad I had.. But that's a story for some other time. My gran has bought us a flat as our wedding gift. The flat is in Iran (Where I was born).. According to her the flat is worth around 20k USD.. And she is at the moment renting it out for around 2k USD per month. She asked me what I wanted to do with the flat and after hubby and I talked it over, we think we gonna have it rented out for 1-2 year and have them to save the money up for us- and then sell the flat and send us all the rent and the amount they sell it for. If everything goes after plan it will be a good bunch of cash I will get and with that I can cover my study loan and the left over house loan I have back in Norway.
I think it is really nice of her to think of me even though we barely have any contact.

My aunt she has her own practice where she does acupuncture and stuff like that- she also practices herbal medicine. She has given me this plan which can ease the pain I have with the fibromyalgia, it is said to be even able to cure the illness. I do not think that I will get rid of it- but I think it will help a whole lot.

The plan is in 4 steps.. First I am going to empty my gut.. (yes it is as yuck as it sounds lol)- I will take lax tonight - and from tomorrow I am going to start on this powder mix- I have to drink it every morning and night- and after I am going to take an spoon of organic aloe vera gel. I am going to do this for 14 days- then take a week off- and do it again for 14 days. I am going to use the lax once before each 14 day period. (So this will last for 5 weeks)

When that we have this plan to make my stomach acid normal- So i have to drink yet another yucky powder twice a day. And I am going to blend some drips I got from her in a glass of water and drink one glass before and one glass after lunch and dinner. 6 weeks later I will add another drip which I have to use for 3 more weeks. ( total of 9 weeks)

When this is all done I can start taking couple of pills in the morning and night to get rid of the shit that is causing the pain in my joints. I need to do this for at least 4 weeks.

So if everything goes after plan I should be almost pain free after 18 weeks. Starting tomorrow- it will be done by the end of this year. She said to get the for best result I should try to avoid dairy products - red meat- pork- and keep the intake of wheat and eggs low.

I have been playing with the idea of going flexitarian/vegetarian for a good while and I don't see any reason to post pond it any longer. I am sort of sick of everything meat related and after seeing a couple of episodes I have been even more sick with the idea of meat. I have bought some vegetarian and soya product which I will be replacing some of my food with already from tomorrow. Good for me... For my body and for nature. Hubby wont be partaking in most of it.. He is using the training as an excuse for not doing it.. But then again I am the one doing most of the cooking in this house.. So I guess he will eat what I serve him lol .. And it's not like we are going to cut out everything right away. He can still have some white meat if he wants to.

Oh and I sort of got my pre birthday- birthday gift from hubby today ^^ I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning that I really wanted to try Brazilian blow dry after I read this article on Nicole Richie's blog.. And it is supposed to last for 3 months... Imagine not having to stress with my hair every single morning.. mmm..  Anywho... I am in this deal of the day site and they had it as the deal of the day today- so I will be able to getting it for 1/3 of the price it normally costs... So I was telling him that I was considering to get it.. And he got it for me ^^ (Yes girls.. He spoils me way too often and I must admit I love it ^^).. I am really looking forward to try and see how it goes..

We are also finally going to get back on track with the training.. He really has to start working out and getting ready.. He has his first big competition in November. This means that we both can finally start working out properly. I think the first 3 weeks will be really hard but then it gets easier and easier. I am really looking forward to all of this.. Working hard and focus on everything until end of this year and start next year fresher.. healthier. Lighter.. and most of all balanced.

I have a weight loss goal for this year, I am counting it down as 18 weeks which is almost what is left of this year.. I which to reach my first main goal weight, which gets me off the morbidly obese BMI.. AKA 174 lbs.. To reach this goal I will have to have a steady weight loss of 3,5 lbs per week. Considering how fat I am and how much I have to lose, I do not think the number is too high.

Anyways gonna go spend some time with hubby.. Wishing you all a great weekend girls <3


  1. Wow...what a comprehensive plan. I hope it works for you. Enjoy your weekend too! We will be cleaning out the garage. yack.

  2. I just discovered the Brazilian keratin treatment thing! I found a product that is do-it-yourself that lasts up to 30 days. It was on clearance so I decided to take a gamble. Let us know how your salon job works out!