Man... I could sleep and sleep and sleep for days... I am so freaking tired.. And as if that wasn't enough I have the worst "monthly visit" EVER... I have been having cramps from hell since yesterday and my whole body is shivering.. :S

@ Claire: I got these - they are supposed to control the hunger and sugar cravings. There are very strict rules about what you can get of these things here - and I bought them from a health store - so they should be safe :) They also have folic acid, and vitamin B6 - B12 and so on and they are aspartame free. So nothing shady. I buy my protein shakes from the same place - so it should all be good. And ya I am adding the fruit for the fiber - and I will get plenty from the salad too. So it should be good..  Btw - that is no TMI ^^ You would be surprised to see how often ppl on blogger - specially the ones on weightloss blogs talk about BM ^^ it is very important part of it all, so nw :)

... Anywho :)

Today I am working from the office, which is actually good.. I have been missing the guys and it was easy to see that I had been missed :) .. BUT the most important reason why I have missed being at work is tea and coffee lol.. Not having a kitchen - and having everything packed away means no tea/coffee - I could just put the Nespresso machine in the living room - but with all the work that is still going on - I didnt want to get all dirty. So I have been DYING for a cup of properly made tea or coffee lol.. The office coffee sucks but yesterday I was such a desperado! I could have anything lol .. Good thing  I don't have as many as I used to.. Imagine the horror... *shiver*

Another "bright" side of moving in the middle of the renovation and having no wardrobes or anything in place - is that I have nothing clean to wear.. I am digging up my "fat" cloths.. So yes yes I know all my cloths are fat cloths-.. but these are the ones that make me feel extra fat.. You know what I mean ? But then I guess no matter what size we get/ are - we always have those "fat cloths" which make us feel a tad blah... I can not WAIT to change my whole wardrobe when I reach my goal.

Anyways- no matter how things go I am getting back on the exercise track from next week. Our living room is actually much bigger than I thought it was so I have room to have the mill out all the time. And finally to put it into good use. I found out that I could buy a proper treadmill instead of the one I bought for the same price... The one I have is for walking - power walking. You can not run on it - cause the walking thingi-- (the thing you walk on.. what is it called? ) anywho- it is too short to run on.. But you can do some fast walking aka up to 10 km/h on it. Which I guess is the same as a slow ish jog? Isn't it? - oh and it also has a prefixed incline which is good.

Ugg.. Again.. I gotta finish up this post.. Too much seem to be happning at work so I really cant focus :S



  1. Glad to know you're safe and sound!
    I'd say a fast walk is a jog pace. I jog at about 9km/h so you should still get your heart rate up.
    Hope you get a good nights rest xxx

  2. Glad you are enjoying the new place! And man I know how important that cup-o-coffee is everyday!! Glad you got your fix ;P


  3. glad things are working out, and i totally understand the not having coffee thing, that would drive me nuts! keep using that treadmill :) walking's great exercise, and it will help you to get closer to being able to run that 5K :)