Every time I start on a diet and I actually do well and it shows on the scale I use it as an excuse to "reward" my self.. And sadly enough all my "rewards" are food related..

So to avoid this problem, I am going to only get on the scale twice a month! I was thinking about only doing it once a month but I think I need to see the numbers to stay motivated. I didn't get to weigh my self this morning, but I did yesterday.. I am upping that number cause well, be cause of the Chinese feast we had last night..

Next weigh in will be Nov. 15! That is two weeks from now.. I just hope I don't get disappointed when I step on it..

PS: I commented under your comments on my last post..
PSS: I just noticed my last post, was post 400! My time flies!

Oh and I also changed the page that leads to my eats.. Now it is redirected to my tumblr blog and the food page I have there.. It just makes posting easier..

Now it's Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great idea! good luck! your weight doesnt even matter so much as feeling healthy.

  2. I am trying to get back into my regular pants an out of my fat pants.

  3. i reward myself with food. big deal. see. here's the thing: you can reward yourself with food but i think your treat just has to fit into your calorie budget. unfortunately for you, you're doing that whole high protein thing so i can't think of many rewards that are protein rich and feel "treat"-like.
    omg i WISH i can do that. i wish.
    YAY I JUST LOVE YOUR FOOD PAGE SO MUCH i look at it quite regularly x

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Also, non food rewards... I need to start doing that. And not taking the weekends off because that's when I eff up.

  5. As for non food rewards how about something pampering like getting your nails done? Or some kind of treat like that? If I remember you said you like stuff like that and as a mom you probably haven't been doing things like that. Good luck!