Planning ahead..

The more I learn about LCHF the more I get to understand that I am eating too much protein. The recommended amount of fat is a handful with each meal.. Even though I am loving a whole lot of things about LCHF but the amount of fat is also starting to bother me. And I know for a fact that this is not a lifestyle I want for the rest of my life. 

My goal is to stick to this diet until end of this year (I wont be as strict for Christmas dinner and such) - but after that I am need to make a change. As I have mentioned before I know for sure that I want another kid - and if everything goes well tomorrow and the doctors say that it is OK, we want to try for the next baby around next spring. This means that I can not live on a LCHF diet even if I wanted to. 

The perks of a low carb diet or lifestyle if you rather want to call it, are plenty - so after thinking a whole lot about it and talking to hubby I have decided that when 2014 is here I will start a GI diet. This diet isn't really that different from the LCHF, the main differences are that carbs are not banned.. You eat carbs, but you eat complex carbs. And you do not top everything with a handful of butter! I miss being able to eat fruit and a bunch of veggies that normal for me. I love beans, lentil based stews and soups, nuts and most of these food are too high carb for LCHF. And the GI diet is one you can actually be on while you are pregnant. This is the diet you are recommended if you have gestational diabetes. 

Anyways, I still have 1,5 months left with LCHF, but as you know I love planning ahead. 



  1. Jag tror att LCHF kan vara en bra push i rätt riktning, något som får en att komma igång, men oj, vad jag skulle sakna grönsaker! För att inte tala om kidneybönor!

  2. I'm curious, how much protein are you seeing recommended? I don't think I ever are too much, but I never really aimed for lower than 100 g carbs daily. I tended to end up at 100-150 g protein daily during the times when I counted. I never really counted fat.

    The low GI diet sounds like a good match for the way you like to eat. I think lentils and beans are kind of the king of carbs, and fruit is fine too as long as you don't overdo it.

    If you add the carbs back in slowly (ie one serving daily for a week then two servings daily for a week then three servings daily for a week) it should be a pretty gentle transition physically, and shouldn't stall your weight loss at all.

    I will also be relaxing for holiday meals with family some things are simply more important than perfect dieting!

  3. Oh, and my nephew is 5 months old :)