I think I have reached the crash part of week one on LCHF... I am so moody and everything is horrid :s
Need to stay focused... Need to stay strong..
I will stay focused.. I will stay strong...

Remember where you want to be, and not what you might want now.. 

I just need to stick to this and focus for few more days and it will all get good again..


  1. It's proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit, any kind of habit...just try to last 3 weeks and your body will adjust to the new diet and it will be easy from then on...I cut out any sugary foods 14 days ago, and I can say that as the days go by it gets easier..just don't give up, remember how amazing it felt when you saw the lost on the scale :) use that as a motivation...btw I'm a new follower and I love your blog

    1. Aww thanks :) If you have a blog, link it in a comment so I can follow it :)

  2. Eyes on the prize! A new diet is always hard after the first few days. You *just* have to pass that bump in the road and remember why you are doing it :)

  3. Yes, stay focused hun! Remember the amazing progress you have seen, and how good you felt when you saw the progress, then think of how bad you will feel if you screw that up. You are forming a habit, so don't break it yet before it has had a chance to take root! <3 you!!