Too fat

I am too fat for my scale to measure my fat % and so on... 
First I thought it was the scale so I changed the batteries and redid my stats and still kept getting an error .. 

I made my hubby try it and it works fine... Error 4 = you are too fat for us to measure... 

I'm so depressed I want to cut of a limb or two.... 


  1. shhhhhhhhh honey
    don't worry.
    you are losing weight.
    you finished one week of your low carb diet.
    keep to it.
    you'll continue to lose weight through habit and consistency and honestly, it's time you could.
    feed your body. i mean it.
    starving yourself won't help. i am on a 1700 calorie intake, exercising off those calories as a deficit and i'm losing weight and supposedly, i'm not supposed to have "that" much to lose.
    try not to be discouraged by this. look at the good things instead of looking at the bad. it's incredibly hard but it's worth it in the end.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Pardon my French, but fuck that shit. You are doing so well! Fuck the scale, just keep doing what you're doing!

  3. Kitty, it's the scale that should feel inadequate, not you. You are doing SO we'll - 8 pounds in one week! My record is 10 in an entire month. Don't let it detail you. You've got this

  4. To be honest most scales sold for home use kind of suck at doing their job. I worked for a et loss company that utilized a scale that costs $ 1500. It was super accurate. I tested my home scale and my brothers and they all have me different readings! Also with a meal plan like yours you will be losing a lot of fat mass and some water weight, so the scale will show you your results soon enough, I promise. This is also why I use a pair of pants or shorts to measure how I am doing. Deep breathe!

  5. :( BUT you are losing weight, so just stay motivated!!

  6. I can definitely understand why that is depressing. I would feel exactly the same way. But don't let the scale dictate how you feel. Throw it out. Don't weigh yourself, focus on how you feel. The scale doesn't have a brain or a heart, and you do.