I want to first start off answering Tempest before I forget it (again :s)
- They say that when you eat too much protein the extra protein will up the insulin levels.. A LCHF diet wants you to stay around 25%.. So if you are aiming to eat around 1400-1500 calories as I do it is around 95 grams of protein. So everything over 100 grams of protein would be counted as too much protein.. (I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around that)..

Anyways as far as the diet goes I am going back on LCHF again tomorrow.. After 1,5 day on "normal" food I feel sick, bloated, out of energy and all around crappy.. There is however a couple of things I will do differently.. 1: I will not add a huge chunk of butter on each of my meals.. I mean come on.. I like butter sure, but I don't like to just have butter to have it.. It just is not normal to me.. I will try to up my fat intake as much as possible, but I am not eating butter just to eat butter!!! 2: I don't want to limit my veggies. The last week the only veggies I have had has been broccoli, mushroom, and leafy greens! Oh and I had zucchini once.. I don't mind limiting the amount of veggies I have but I really don't want to limit the kind of veggies I have.

And hay.. If I do go through another week of feeling crap then it is worth it cause I really felt good on LCHF..

Tonight however - there shall be some cake!


  1. I am with you on the veggies. Why would we want to limit the types of produce, you know the healthiest thing we eat? I haven't read much on th LCHF diet so this is really interesting to me.

  2. I don't think you should limit veggies either! I used to get all stressed about the carbs and the sugar in fruits but the thing is that that stuff is healthy. If it fills our bellies a bit and is a healthy food choice I don't think we should beat ourselves up about it. Enjoy your cake.