It went fine!

Thanks for your support last night.. It went fine :)
I ate some roasted chicken and had some more water and went to bed. So that bump is over and I am so glad I remembered that I am on a LCHF diet and that means it is actually OK to eat something when I need something to munch on as long as it's not carby.

Today I woke up with a fever so my husband stayed home to take care of my son. They went out for a play date and I have had some alone time. Time alone means I can actually think without having to think about everyone else. Anyways I was thinking that one of the reasons why I was crashing yesterday is because I didn't plan my meals better. So I have decided to focus on having 3 proper meals a day. This way I will get full and it will also prevent all the random small snacking.

The other mistake I made was that I didn't drink enough water. Anyways - new day, and it will go better.

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