Recap week one!

I have had 7 full days on LCHF and let me tell you I LOVE it! After a couple of days in I did feel a whole lot of fatigue, and woke up with a horrid headache, but it seems to be easing off now. I read that it is actually a normal reaction for people like me who go pretty much cold turkey and lower their carb intake as much as I did! This week i have tried and learned. And I am understanding what works best for me.. 

So lets see how this week has gone.. 
I started this journey weighing a horrid 258lbs! This morning the scale showed 250lbs... That is a wonderful 8 lbs loss! 

Goals: Cals, 1500, Carbs 19, Fat 117, Protein 94! 
Day 1: Cals 1028, Carbs 28, Fat 66, Protein 90. Fiber 12 
Day 2: Cals 1044, Carbs 21, Fat 83, Protein 63, Fiber 3
Day 3: Cals 938, Carbs 25, Fat 63, Protein 73, Fiber 7
Day 4: Cals 1359, Carbs 18, Fat 107, Protein 93, Fiber 2
Day 5: Cals 1737, Carbs 16, Fat 131, Protein 124, Fiber 4 
Days 6: Cals 1428, Carbs 15, Fat 117, Protein 82, Fiber 6
Day 7: Cals 1466, Carbs 12, Fat 115, Protein 91, Fiber 3
And I drink around 16-20 cups of water and a bunch of tea/coffee! 

As you see I started the week eating too little (I just wasn't hungry)  - then even though I upped my cals I crashed and had too much of everything.. The last two days have been more under control. And the numbers are more where they are supposed to be. 

I still haven't started exercising.. And I probably wont be able to do it either since I have the whole hospital thing coming up this Monday. But the diet is something I can do so I am sticking to it and it will hopefully get me where I need to be. 

I hope you all have a great weekend :)