Too much protein!

Seems like I am eating too much protein to have the max effect from the LCHF diet. Going to try to up my fat intake and this is scaring the hell out of me cause I feel like I am already adding loads of fat to everything... 

I have also decided to start doing wiifit again - It was a very light exercise that I can easily do at home after my son goes to bed and even though it doesn't sound like much it used to up my heartbeat without being too hard on my knees and so on. I have a couple of other wii exercise games like boxing and Zumba too, so it won't be the same thing over and over. I figured if doing something fun and easy like wii will help me burn around 300+ calories in around 30 mins, I should just do it even though to many it is not proper exercise. Anyways - aiming to burn 1500 calories a week on home exercises a week. 

@tempest : they are huge low carb fans here in Sweden. They aren't for the extreme strict version but a whole lot of doctors and so on are recommending people to eat more and more GI foods. There are even really good GI frozen microwave meals with low sodium that are being sold cheaper than the normal ones for those who need easy options. 
Here the kids are fed at school ect and now they are even changing their old "plate method " aka 1/3 veggies meat carb to serving more GI food. Most kinder gardens also have their own chef and focus on locally produced, Eco friendly products - and the ones that do the best job with all it including teaching kids about recycling and proper food and so on get what is called a green flag .. :) which it's the ultimate seal of approval from a whole lot of parents! 

I follow lovehealthlifts blog on tumblr :) her blog is the one that inspired me to give LCHF a proper go!! She actually mentions my tumblr blog on her keto guide! 


  1. We are about the same age and I have clear memories of the whole FAT = BAD BAD phase. It took me forever to add real fat into my meals, even though I knew the fat free stuff wasn't as healthy. I think you are doing great, its so hard to block the voices in our head telling us we shouldn't do this or we are not doing enough to make a difference. Congratulations!

  2. Fat is ok! It is mostly what your body will run on since it isn't getting carbs anymore. Protein is great, but it's the only nutrient where it is actually unhealthy to eat too much ("rabbit starvation" and such). Those school programs sound incredible!