LCHF update..

The diet is going really well.. I have had a tad of headache, and I need to use the bathroom OFTEN, but other than that it's been going well..

I didn't manage to stay off the scale as I plann-ed and stepped on it today. I have lost almost 4lbs since I started the diet, and mind you I just started my shark week last night.. I am very happy with the numbers! But the thing I am amazed about, and it is something that I noticed already after only one day is that I am not bloated! I have had a whole lot of issues with it, but when I woke up Saturday morning, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror...

Today has been a real trial.. We had the traditional Swedish goose dinner (although we had it for lunch) at my husbands grandparents. Normally you are to have it November 10th but we had it today since they are going on vacation in a couple of days and are away for a couple of weeks. My carbs were a tad higher than I would like them to be (25grams), but I did really good and I am actually proud of my self. I skipped starters (creamy mushroom soup), I skipped most of the sides (roasted apples, apple sauce, roasted prunes, roasted potatoes), and I skipped dessert (apple cake with vanilla sauce). I also removed all the skin and fat from the meat, and only had water instead of wine. So all in all I did good, even though the carbs are higher than I would like. Who knew that I could say no to dessert...

Another thing that I am surprised by is that my calories are not as high as I thought they would be.. I set a goal of not eating over 1500 calories, but it seems like I don't have to worry about it at all even though I am adding butter/oil/mayo to almost all of my meals. (Friday 1028 cals - Saturday 1044 cals - today will be 938 cals) , and I haven't been hungry.. I am hungry as we speak but that it because the lunch I had today didn't contain enough protein, but then again it's dinner time in hour or so.

All in all this has been good. And I really believe that this is a diet that I can stick to for a good while. Hopefully I will lose some proper weight by new years and can start working out without it killing my knee's ect. By then I will have my license as well, so getting to the gym will be easier.

My next big trial will be in 3 weeks when we are celebrating my sons first birthday. I will be baking a bunch and it will be a whole lot of cake and so on around for two days. My new mantra is "Remember where you want to be and not what you think you want right now".. I guess I just need to keep remembering it, and even those days will be OK.

I hope you ladies are having a good weekend.



  1. Kitty, I am so happy for you and so glad the diet is going well!! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats on the early success! I have been on the bandwagon much more hardcore than I expected... I suppose things going on recently have triggered my restrictive side.

    SO much respect for you for being able to turn down special food! I'm kind of dreading family Christmas - I binged for a week last year.

  3. i want to understand how you could need to use the bathroom often with high protein diets. i'm thinking it's too pee (which is obvious to me i guess - higher levels of urea in the blood means more urination - anyway. not to get too much into that!)
    my body's bloated when i do what you do - eat loads of protein. i can't. my body can't physically take that. it can take a high sugar diet but not a high protein one! (shocking!!! and worrying because i have PCOS - meaning that i'm supposedly 'insulin resistant' but i can handle sugar so nicely!)
    OF COURSE YOU CAN SAY NO TO DESSERT. you can say no to whatever it is you want!!! and nobody should coax you into changing your decisions. :) in my household, i literally do not eat dinner with them all the time. if i really think i'm going to overdo it with food at a restaurant, i just tell my Dad i'll order a Diet Pepsi and he's okay with it. i realise in other cultures that you have to eat at every meal - i find that hard to believe!
    my Father complains that i'm very thin then doesn't mind it when i don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner when we're out together. funny.
    yeah. protein from what i know is told to be quite filling - well more filling than my diet of crisps. i have a goal of not going over my maintenance and i find that incredibly difficult!
    yeah. :) good luck.
    and one thing i have to remind you though - moderation is key. just in case you may fuck up one or do days - keep on going. it's impossible to be perfect in every single day of the month! i believe it's hard for me to go a week without going over or fucking up once. and it's okay. one day isn't going to make you fatter. consistency will.

    -Sam Lupin xo
    PS. i love you Cupid <3

  4. It's really hard to stay off the scales of course! So glad it's going well. 4lbs loss and not being hungry is awesome.