A day at the hospital and I sure have eaten my self out of ketosis.... The options of what you can have when you are there are very very very limited.

I don't know if I can handle another week of extreme headaches and horrible shape to go cold turkey with carbs again.. But I know for a fact that I will be limiting my carbs. Maybe I will just hop on the GI diet right away.. I dunno.. I guess I have until tomorrow to figure it out.. Right now I am kind of woozy, very very tired and just want to do nothing..

I'll update and let you know what I decided to do, and how it goes in a few days I think.


  1. Maybe it won't take a week to settle back in, though? I think Rae said she felt rotten for a day after her "cheat day" with carbs

  2. One day will take you out of ketosis but getting back to it will not be nearly as hard or take as long. You do what feels right and you will be fine. Feel better.