Ah well...

So as you might have picked on - I wasn't in the greatest mood yesterday.. Work was.. Well it was too much.. And then my team leader had an almost break down lol.. Which means I had to jump in.. Which means I was taking calls in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish.. And going through mail (I had 60 mail cases closed by the end of the day) - and I was in the middle of this running around helping the guys with the cases they were stucked on . and I was couching a new dude..
I love my team leader. He is a year younger than me - and he is just a sweetheart.. He is the nicest guy, and we are really close. And his "episode" yesterday really broke my heart.. And then in a team where I am the only girl, AKA the only one they actually listen to, when they see that I am getting pissed lol.. And the only one that can multi task.. Well - ya...... I normally don't mind days like this, but I was pretty messed up my self already.. And I really didn't have the energy for it. But it went fine.

I came home . had some soup.. And well as you might have seen on my MFP account, I had a binge.. I guess it was pretty "small" considering I was just about 150 cals over my daily budget.. And then I got sick.. :S I don't really count it as a B/P session cause I didn't really had a choice.. My body wanted it all out.. and it forced it out.. I guess I am glad it did - cause that means I didn't gain anything..

Today we are supposed to be cleaning around the flat - but its 1 pm and I have gotten as far as making breakfast for hubby. We are going out for dinner. Sushi.. I am going for the vegetarian option as I normally do. I have so far had coffee and one bite of hubbys breakfast to see if it's cooked. And I'm really not hungry yet.. So will see, I might just not have anything until dinner - it's only 6 hours away, and I still need to shower and get hubby to move and start cleaning the place.

Also need to go out and buy a wifi receiver for the new PC that we haven't put up yet.. So I think I cam manage on liquids until dinner.

To answer the question about who that girl in this post is Ashley Greene. You might know her as Alice Cullen from the twilight saga movies. :)

Thanks for the comments on my last two posts <3 I am going to keep going and as you all say, the scale will move..

I am going to get going now. Have a great weekend ladies


  1. I was going to do SOOOO much today, but it's 1.30ish and all i've done is make coffee (i nearly burned down the kitchen, wasn't paying attention :/). Urgh. I'll go to the gym, maybe that will motivate me to be more active. I'm so impressed you speak all those languages!! And yeah, guys are shit at multitasking aren't they? Sounds like you had a very very busy day. Sorry about being ill though, that sucks. And also: one pound is pretty great! I wish my scale would budge, it just won't. :/ I'm annoyed.
    stay strong Kitty, one step at a time, that's what will win the race! <3!!

  2. That sounded so hectic..and I complain about my job! o.o
    I miss talking to you!!

    Yikes. I wouldn't have counted that as a binge or a binge/purge either.

    I'm so impressed you know all those languages! I know English (obviously) and minimal Spanish (as much as two years in highschool teaches you anyways).

  3. Once you get to week six and can run for 20 minutes straight, that's when you feel better. I have recently been running on a decline treadmill, which I love because it's easier on my lungs, but then I run on flat road again and I can barely do a quarter mile!!!

  4. wow. all those languages. do you know Arabic as well? ;) i think i'm the only Blogger here in the ED kingdom that knows Arabic but i'm glad i'm not the only one whose native tongue isn't English.
    LOL. pissed chicks are the worst!
    i don't even count that as a binge. for me, a binge means i'm lying on my back rubbing my stomach because it just hurts that much. and purge would mean i would really voluntarily do something. :)
    hmm. vegetarian sushi?! that fucking exists?! hallelujah. send some my way. sushi cures all fevers.
    wow. Ashley Greene looks even worse than i remember her (no offense, but i just...i don't know what's wrong with me and women-celebrities, but i hate all of them. xD). maybe except for...hmm...oh my God. Simone Simons is the sexiest thing in the world.
    just look at her:
    and she's got curves! http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/anaeldensenka/default/simone-simons--large-msg-119299417669.jpg and she's really, really, normal. not like half chicks i've seen. she looks like someone i'd know. which is what makes her fucking gorgeous.
    er...it's Monday as i read this. <3 weekend was shit. woot.
    -Sam Lupin

  5. Running outside is WAY harder than on a treadmill, so you're way ahead of the curve

  6. Haha, I was going to clean up today too but it didn't happen either.
    I hope you had a great a weekend,