TGIM?? ...

I am actually glad that it is Monday.. The weekend with no internet has been horrid.. I know that I had the cellphone - and that it is good to have a break from it all - but OMG! I haz needz for my internetz! lol . We bought a new PC on Saturday that I haven't been able to set up because of the lack of internet too - so all in all it was maybe a tad more annoying that it would have been normally.

Yesterday - my eats weren't that good.. They were actually pretty horrid.. But I am not too worried about it. I always get a food kick when I use the painkillers and it was sort of given (thank God I rarely use them anymore - the fibromyalgia Gods have been kind to me the last few months) .. I was very well under my weekly calorie budget , but that said, I still want to take it easy with calories and carbs today.. 

Last week I got inn 6 exercise sessions - all around 30 minutes except from Sunday morning where I got in 1 hour. Pretty happy about it.. Also - the storm has passed our town now - so I am thinking about starting the C25K today or tomorrow. I have to see how late I get home today. 

I want to say thanks for the comments and welcome to the new followers :) 

@ Miranda: The classes are equal to the first year of a bachelor program. But - if I would want to - I could build on with higher level in the same subject - but I doubt that I will. I think if everything goes well - that I will build on it with some project and personal management courses. Will see :) 

@ Claire: I used Myfitnesspal.com - my username there is Kittz30 - so feel free to give me a poke if you want to :) Just make sure to say that it's you - cause the "normal" ppl there freak me out.... 

To the rest of you ladies, thank you so much for the love and support. :) 

Wish you all a great day - and a great week :) 



  1. wowza. you normally hate Monday's with a passion. today marks a new era.
    wait. it's Monday? *checks date*
    oh. look. it's Monday!!!
    yeah. take it easy. fretting about the budget might make you overeat or something. :3 just take it as it comes.
    awesome for exercise sessions! you're doing well, Cupid!
    -Sam Lupin

  2. I just came back from a week and a half long holiday with out any internet. It was nice for a while but then it got to the point when I needed to see my emails, you know, just in case I got something important (Which I never do)


  3. Do you know Cami (camillavilla.blogspot and Fatass Princess which I can't find the URL to)? She started C25K last week. Congrats on the FABULOUS week (one day eating more is not failure, it's just a small part of the big picture) and here's to another one.

  4. Hahah, no, we're NTNU nerds, not BI ;) Did you go to BI?
    Good luck with the C25K! I'm planning to do it too, I'd like to run a marathon one day. One day... lol :P

  5. i hate not having internet! congrats on your good week! keep working hard and youll get to your goal. its all a mental battle, really xD

  6. congrats on the 6 workouts! Keep going, don't slow down and don't stop working out, before you know it you'll be running that 5K! xox