So far so good!

I must actually admit that I am really enjoying the whole skipping food during the day and eating a proper dinner thingi.. Yesterday we went out for indian for our "day" - and it was really good, but OMG... I got so fucking sick on our way home.. How could I be so stupid?
So far I have learned this:
I can not have any sort of milk - unless it's soya or almond. I can have very small amount of it, if it is cooked properly (like in soups or w/e) . I had my fav coffee today, and after half a cup I was really sick again.. So that is not happening again. As far as wheat goes... I can not have any sort of white version of it. I can have very small amount of the brown version of it but very very very tiny amount. I am going to avoid it as much as possible. I am using spelt instead and that is working fine for me. I just have a really hard time to find products with spelt that do not have wheat in it.

Work is still way too busy, and I am really dead by the end of the day and it is really frustrating.

As far as school goes, I don't think I am going to pick the classes. I get up around 6 am and work is finished 5pm - and if we go home right after work, we are home around 6 pm. By the time we have made dinner and eaten it's 7 - If we exercise, we aren't done before 8-9 pm. And by that time - I am done... I have no will or energy to study.

I have been thinking and considering my weight - I think it is a smarter choice of me to focus on my health and on losing weight than finishing those classes cause i don't want to waste the money I spent on it. If I could study during the weekends and get ready for the exams while following the online sessions it would be different.. But I have to deliver a bunch of tests/projects and I have to have passed like 5 of 7 ect before I can even consider the exams.. The tests/projects are all to be delivered during the week day, Friday before noon the latest.. So ya.. I guess I will put this in my "things I started and never finished and wasted loads of money on it" file - and rather work on my weight..

Anywho - off for now..



I think i want to put up a mini goal.. I want to lose 7 lbs by valentines! Lets see how it goes :)


  1. If I had your busy schedule I wouldn't have the motivation to study either "/ You win some and you lose some. Win your health ^^ (does that even make sense? I hope so!) xx

  2. Yeah, it's way hard to work full time and do school. There aren't enough hours in the day or enough energy to go around.

  3. Health over weight loss ALWAYS! Take good care of yourself sweety :)
    About your food allergies- have you tried rice milk? that's my husband's fave but I like soy. Also on the gluten free front why not try brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour etc etc. Do you have any health food stores near you? I know ours has a selection of gluten free breads/wraps etc.
    Hope you feel better soon! & Good luck with your goal- you can do it! xxx

  4. I'm down for a challenge! Seven pounds by V-day and I'm with you! Do you have food allergies that not allow you to eat those certain things?

    Indian food....mmm.....damn now I want some!! LOL

  5. That sounds like a crazy schedule. How you get anything done amazes me!
    7 lbs by valentines day sounds good. I might try and aim for that too.