No internet!

What happens when you let a man be in charge of one thing in your home? Well - you come home Friday to no internet because he forgot to call the company..

Ah well - thank god to my cellphone i have been able to get online, and track - and so on..

Just wanted to get on to say! thank you so much for all your comments.. I am so so so glad I sticked to it - I have been eating a tad more today duo to the painkillers - but I am waaaay under my weekly calorie budget! AND the scale did move! So this weeks loss is almost 6 lbs :) And I couldn't be happier.. I doubt it is all water weight since it didn't just get off in one or two days..

Hope you all having a great weekend :)



  1. wow! that's an AMAZING loss! congrats, keep it up, sticking to the new plan is clearly working! xx

  2. 6lbs in a week is fantastic! Congratulations :D
    yeah I know what you mean, not counting calories freaked me out in the start too. still does sometimes, but 90% of the time I eat from my safe-food list, it keeps my anxiety level in check.

    have a good week!x

  3. Congrats on your loss! :) You're going so well
    & I can totally relate on the man front, just don't remind them to do it or all hell breaks loose.
    I'm interested, what do you use to track?
    Keep up the great work hun- you've got this xxx