I feel like I am going to pass out or something.. When will this fucking cold be done.. I have been sick for almost 3 weeks now :S - Today I am at work - and I am thanking God for it being a slow day.. I feel horrible... This week I am only supposed to work 2 days - but I am not sure if I will come to work tomorrow and on Wednesday..

Do you guys think I might feel better if I "sweat it out" at the gym.. I mean I can't really breath.. Is that even "healthy" ?


@Miranda: Ya my hubby need to gain weight.. A bunch of it.. He - his mom- his grandpa and so on - they all have really fast metabolism which means they have a really hard time to gain weight - until they are like 40 ish .. His highest weight was like 158 lbs (that was when he was training ALOT) - and now he is down to 143 ish - and he is like 6" tall  so ya.. He is very very very skinny now.. His BMI is now like 19 ish and he looks like he is made of skin and bones... So he needs to gain some weight.. He says it tok him a year of hard training to get up to 158... So this will be intressting lol..

I beg to God that our kids get his skinny genes... and not my fatty ones lol

@Sammy: I <3 you missy ^^ Just sayin ^^

I'm gonna finish this post now.. Too :S to focus lol



  1. i wish i had his metabolism....geez...I would much rather work towards gaining weight than losing it

  2. i've been sick for like...my life. i had such a horrible stomach ache in the middle of the day and thought i was going to flip over. >_< :( i hope you feel better soon, sweetie. being sick sucks!!! <3
    ...:3 meow. i lurve you too you, lovely! <3
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Wish I had our husband's problem. Hope you feel better soon. As far as working out sick...just listen to your body. It could help but you don't want to push it.

  4. feel better kitty! sickness sucks

  5. I know 21 is not ( and neither is 30)old, but after everything i've been through, I feel like I'm (or my body is) ready to give up. Don't worry, i don't have a death wish, but i feel, i don't know, like I've already lived.

    or maybe i'm just depressed...