I know .. This is very very very pathetic but my whole body is sore.. I have been exercising, but nothing I would put in the "proper" exercise section. Slightly over 30 mins on WiiFit plus - and mostly doing the step - jogging and boxing sessions.. For some reason I am all sore specially in my back and arms..

Would you count jogging in place, as jogging? - Anywho - I guess the main point is that I am moving and can feel it.. Way too well lol..

Food wise it's been fine.. I think I ate a tad too much yesterday.. My nets have been around 1000 calories which is fine with me - since my goal is 1200. Talking about goals.. I am going to talk numbers.. I am aiming to burn 1500 calories through exercises - which seems to be doable.. I am up to 778 calories burned this week. According to MFP I would need to eat 1280 calories to lose 2 lbs a week.. Me taking it down to 1200, makes it 2.2 lbs a week... The 1500 = l lbs a week.. So if everything goes as it is supposed to - and if my body behaves as planned.. I should be losing around 3 lbs a week. There is 8 whole weeks left until the trip to Chamonix - which means I should be able to lose those 20 and some more with no problem..

I think this is the first time ever I have some proper - doable - healthy - weight loss goals..

I was trying to talk to hubby about it last night - and as soon as I started he said "3 lbs a week is too much" and blabla - so I got cranky and didn't bother to keep talking about it. I think it's healthy numbers - and for him to shut it down so fast - is sort of annoying.. I mean - if I was 100 lbs lighter - then ya ..  I would agree.. But I'm not.. So I don't understand the fuss to be honest..

I have a question for the runners.. 
I am not one (as you guys know) - but I want to become one and I would like to start the C25k.. My problem is however the weather.. It is pretty cold now.. - no snow - but some rain and a whole lot of wind.. The wind has been very very strong..
I live not that far from a great park with loads of running trails - and I really want to start the program running outside (running on the treadmill freaks me out) .. I do have a pair of good running shoes - and normal gym cloths.. Would you say - I can just start the program now? Or should I wait until it's warmer outside?

Please remember I am in the worst shape of my life - and jogging 10 mins in place make me all out of breath.. This is what I look like after couple mins lol 

Thanks for the comments yesterday.. The day went very very slowly all day.. I do read e-books at work.. and surf and so on - I also watch a bunch of youtube clips and so on.... But sometimes - when you have days of nothing to do - it all becomes sort of too much of the good stuff - if you know what I mean.

Anyway - I'm gonna stop blabing :) Hope you all have a good day


Oh PS: If anyone else is using MFP - feel free to add me.. Just make sure to put a note saying who you are - cause I don't really add people there outside blogger world. My username is kittz30


  1. Kitty - It's good that you are moving! Every little bit helps and if you're sore it just means you're doing something your body wasn't used to before.

    I was still running when it was cold and snowy. I only stopped to do Insanity. So it's totally doable to start the program outside. I prefer it too. When I ran my 5k in december it was really cold and icy and the hard core racers were wearing normal running gear (shorts!) with maybe an extra layer on top and something to keep their ears and hands warm. I however run in two layers - leggings and sweatpants (I don't have lined running tights though I hear that's the way to go) on bottom, and a long sleeve top, a short sleeve top and a light windbreaker on top. Then a hat and gloves. It is cold to start. My fingers really feel it the most. But you will warm up and by the end of your run (20-25 min on C25K) you will be hot and sweaty. And feeling great!
    You might like this tumblr Eat. Run. Sleep. Repeat. She runs every day regardless of weather.

  2. EvRey little bit of movement is good! As for running outdoors, no need to wait till spring. The thing that will make a HUGE difference in winter running is gear. I'm not sure how cold it gets where you are but I have running stuff that's made for different temps (-10, -20). It really helps a lot.

    Good luck with the c25k. I think K from www.anaednos.blogspot.com did it last summer.

  3. Yes I would count jogging in place as jogging. And wii fit as a work out. Anything that burns I'd count as a work out and better than nothing :)

    I would try running and see how it feels. My lungs hurts if its less than around 17 degrees celsius outside.


  4. I think your plan sounds healthy and realistic and yeah jogging in place counts as jogging because the movemnts are still the same i think :)
    The pain is definetly a sign that youre on the right track.
    I dont think i count as a runner but i think starting now would be better really because it allows you to get used to the process of doing C25k so that when the weather starts to change you can enjoy it and appreciate it more. Plus if its light rain it helps keep you cool on your run.
    GL xx

  5. Jogging in place is a good form of exercise but i believe it burns less cals than actual jogging. make sure to consult your cal burner first. Good job staying active and within your cals. Your BF....well mine isnt happy wioth my diet either so good riddins!! And good luck! :)

  6. Good luck with you c25k program! That's an excellent one for beginner runners as it really helps you build up your endurance. Also, don't be afraid to run in the cold. If you dress properly for the weather you will be fine. The weather is so unpredictable anyway so if you wait until it warms up you will probably have to deal with rain, heat, humidity, etc. anyway so might as well start whenever you feel like it!

  7. as long as you keep your ears warm, i say go for it, start running now. and on days when the weather is awful you can always use the treadmill in the gym. if you wait, then it will get too hot to run outside and you won't want to. good luck with the exercise plan! and if you're sore that's a good thing, it means you're exercise, however little, is working so keep it up! xx