The warrior diet.. Ish?

So I have had my week of being out of counting and shape and tired.. I had my crash this weekend and I managed to get some really needed rest. I consider my self lucky since I have "only" gained 1 pound...
I have noticed a few things about my eating lately.. I get full so much faster than I used to.. I stop eating when I am full.. I don't hate being hungry.. I don't panic over it any longer.
That is good isn't it?
I always have a hard time knowing what to eat at work. I always end up in some sort of panic mode when I think about it. But the fact of the matter is that most days, I don't really mind not eating during the day...Fair enough - I get the starving feeling by the end of the day.. But I am pretty sure I can control it with enough liquids - and maybe a piece of fruit by the end of the day.. So why not take the warrior approach? - You don't eat during the day, and then at dinner time you get to eat one proper meal. You wont feel like you are cheating and you wont feel guilty over eating what you really want for dinner. Toss some exercise into the picture and I really don't see where it could go wrong..
Anyway, as you might have guessed I didn't get on with the 30 day shred as I had planned.. But now that I feel rested I feel like I am ready to go for it. The whole "get up earlier" was a bust, so the new plan is to do it right after I get home.. I get home, change, and do it before I eat. Have you noticed that sometimes you eat much less after you exercise?
Ah well.. I am going to spend some time with hubby before bed.. Tomorrow, we have been married for 6 months.. Time just flies by doesn't it?
Hope you all have been having a good weekend!



  1. Good idea with the warrior diet :) and good luck!
    Happy 6 months for tomorrow :)
    Lottie x

  2. Happy half anniversary!
    I know this approach works for some but not others so be careful. If you can have a normal sized meal at night- go for it but if it will turn into a binge then steer clear. I know if I let myself get too hungry I'm more likely to make bad decisions so I prefer to have a good breakfast, salad at lunch and cooked veggie based meal at dinner. I find filling up on vegetables regularly is a winner for me so if you get too hungry go veg!
    Also getting to love hunger can be addictive. There's no need to panic about it but when you panic at being full there's a chance it's getting to you. Don't let your health slip.
    All the best xxx

  3. Oh wow, Happy 6 Months! :D
    Have you tried filling up on green veggies and these so-called negative calorie foods during the day? Make a green salad for lunch, eat grapefruits etc. Think of your body as a car. A car needs fuel to run, right? Well, so do you. Please be safe Kitty<3

    Ah yeah, I used to really dread working out in front of people and worried about how I looked, until I realised that no one cares in the gym. They're all busy with themselves^^ But I get the thing about working out in front of your husband, I probably couldn't do that either "/ xx

  4. Morning work outs are rough! I know it's not something I can do on the regular so I haven't even tried to go there. I don't eat much during the work day. I have just enough snacks to keep me going but no "real" food. Just don't let yourself get too hungry 'cause that might mean a binge once dinner rolls around.

  5. Morning workouts are definately hard and congrats on the change of appetite! It's a definate sign that your stomach is shrinking and you are getting eating under control. Congrats!!

  6. Half half year :)
    Morning workouts are... Actually I don't mind them. I prefer working out at night though because it makes me tired.