Work has been insane since last Friday. On the good side, the days go by too fast for me to even notice them, on the bad side, I am tttly burned out. My eats have been... Well I am not sure. I have been eating Ok pretty much every day.. But this whole stress shit is killing me.. Every inch of my body aches.. That's one of the "fun" sides of fibromyalgia... Stress is the killer..
I am also so freaking bloated.. I got worst when I had the pro bio yoghurt in the morning that last couple of days.. It could be that.. Or it could be the wheat intolerance most of the fibromyalgia patient develop... I am so sick of feeling this way that I am cutting all wheat and dairy prodcuts starting tomorrow.
As far as exercising, I haven't been doing any since Saturday.. I am just so dead when I get home - that I can't do much other than to crash. But my Jillian Michaels DVD's got delivered yesterday, and I noticed that the 30 day shred workouts are only 20 minutes. So I am planning on getting up 30 mins earlier and do the work out before work.
I have been very very very bad at tracking too...... But I have made the promiss to my self of getting back to it again. I will make the time and afford to track even if it means that I write it down on post-its and fill my MFP later in the day..
I am not going to get on the scale until Monday morning. I hope the bloat will be better by then.. Forgot to mention that I have been having insane pain in the stomach too - so now I'm on pills for that too.. But it feels like they are helping already so I guess that's good...

Ah well :) I am going to end up this wall of text.. I want to go to bed early today.. I am just too tired..



  1. I myself cannot workout when I get back home after work. If you can wake up earlier and working out before going out good for you...20 minutes it's not that long after all.
    Good luck! Jay :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Kitty, it makes me so happy to hear these things<3 If you need any support, tips or tricks with cutting out dairy and wheat don't hesitate to contact me, I know it can be so difficult. Just hold on to the thought of how ill you feel after eating it. Oh, I tried the 30 Day Shred, never got through it... good luck with it! xx

  3. Sorry about your pain and the crazy busy work sched making it worse. Apparently your job is sort of wreaking havoc on your life at the moment but I hope it gets better. Get some rest and energy for your early morn work out.

  4. Feel better soon sweety! I know cutting dairy and gluten will help :)
    You can do this, hang in there! xxx

  5. I didn't know you had fibromyalgia, it's awful. I hope you start feeling better soon.