Crabby and cranky....

Meh - I am having one of those days.. Well actually I have been having one of those nights and now days...

Got home after work yesterday to find a notification from our janitor saying that they have had to close down the buildings hot water cause apparently someone had an accident and didn't fix it - and now we have a huge leak.. Which means no shower  - which means no exercise (I didn't want to get all sweaty and stink today at work :S ) - which means I haven't lost a single pound this week .. I have actually gained like 100 grams ish - I'm not stressting over the 100 grams - that is like 0.2lbs.. but I am also restricting properly today..

I have planned inn black coffee - green tea - and a coke zero for work. I might have a fruit of some sort if I am starving before I go home, maybe a protein shake (103) maybe both even , will see.. I am going to have a can of weight watcher soup (114 cals) for dinner. And I am going to do 1 hour on the WiiFit when I get home. I am going to do a combo of the "free run"" - Boxing and step.. (last time I did this combo I burned almost 500 cals) which means it will be negative calorie day.

And hopefully tomorrow the scale will move again... (in the right direction)

It suddenly got really busy at work. So I'm going to just publish this post for now :)



Don't you just love her??


  1. No hot water??? This is the kind of thing that simply drives me mad...I happened to me once, we had no hot water for MORE than a week...it was terrible, and it was winter!!!

    By the way, who's that girl above?

  2. I'm such a prissy miss prima donna I would DIE!! I get so upset over stuff like that.

  3. Oh man, no hot water? Hope it gets fixed soon! Wii Fit is amazing - it's just so embarrassing using it in the living room in front of my roomies!
    I love sexy and I know it. Love it. It's on my workout list now too ;)
    Aah, Nydalen. Cool. I wish I had a business mind. Hvor er du egentlig fra? Jeg har lett etter det på bloggen din, men jeg ser ingen steder du har skrevet det :)

  4. hope your water's back on! no water sucks majorly! Stay strong Kitty, you're doing well on this new plan! <3!

  5. oh no! I hope you get your water back quick smart! Don't be too hard on yourself- you deserve to be full of good healthy food hun, never forget that xxx