Monday .. Woop woop....

OR not :P

It's not exactly a hidden fact that I am not the most happy morning/Monday person..
But today is a great day - and you want to know why? Because I can finally put the whole Christmas, newyears eating out stuff behind me and have my new start :)

I am going to start planning my meals more properly. I have two packs of oatmeal and two frozen weightwatchers dinner left and I am going to have those with some fruit today and tomorrow. And I am going to start making food plans - and I am thinking to have it pretty low carb. I am not going to count carbs, only calories - but I will focus on the right sources of it.

Going for the whole- leaner - browner - greener plan. aaannnnddd I am going to get started with an exercise plan.. I am only aiming for 3 times a week for now.. I am in such a bad shape - that I think aiming for more - would just be aiming to fail. I am not really good at making time and an afford to go to the gym, so I want to start doing the couch25k (properly this time) and combine it with some simple exercises such as push-up, and plank at home.

I am going to reread "you can be thin" again.. It really did put me off all bad carbs - and I think it is a great place to start this whole journey again.

I also came across this article which I think some of you might enjoy reading... I know for a fact that I did..

Anyway, I am going to end this post and try to focus on work. I want to say thanks for all your comments, and say welcome to the new followers..

I still have loads of problems with my dashboard and that fact that it doesn't update all the new blogs I am following - so any tips on how to fix it will be gladly welcomed :(


I also want to put some goals for my self.. As I have mentioned before - I will be going on a trip with my work to Chamonix in March (8th of March). And I want to aim to reach my first GW by then. No matter what the scale says on Wednesday - I still will be looking at a 20 lbs ish loss.. So that's my first goal.. 2 months - 20 lbs.. That is ttly doable.. :) 


  1. I know you can do it :)

    haha, I'm a terrible person in the morning.. My neighbor is really loud and are often waking us up, and I dont hasitate to call him and complain :) I bet he loves me! haha

  2. omg. you and Mondays are like Sam and meat. just don't mix!
    new starts are awesomeeeee. :)
    carbohydrates are awesome. xD. i myself feel so guilty when i have a piece of white bread, but sometimes, it's the lower calorie option! which is always number one for me. i count calories mostly, not sources. :)
    leaner doesn't apply to me. i don't eat a lot of brown rice, but i eat a ton of brown bread! and how green can my veggies get?! xD. my entire leek soup is so green it looks like puke. *not a lovely visual but meh!*
    seems like general knowledge that we've all read before, from the article but thanks for it anyway! hey, look! calculations *___*.
    20lbs in 2 months is totally doable!!
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. :'3

  3. You can try looking at your blog updates in Google Reader - there's a link on the new dashboard.

    Google reader allows you to follow blogs of all kinds not just blogger too. I use it for all the tumblr blogs I follow.

  4. I am also glad all the crazy holiday eating is behind us! Your goals seem solid good luck with them.

    Let's rock in 2012! :)


  5. Glad you are excited about getting into a good weight loss and exercise plan. I think it's good to plan for what you really feel is doable as far as working out. I started with just two b/c I didn't want to set myself up for failure and I stuck with it b/c it was doable for me.

  6. Yay for new starts! They are great, aren't they?
    Low carbs is good because you can eat more healthy calories and it encourages you to fill up on veg, because it's pretty low carbs (although I know you aren't counting) :)
    I'm trying c25k too :) I think I can already run 5k, but last time I tried I needed a little walking break in the middle, so I'm going to build up to doing the whole thing in one :)
    Never heard of the book, but it sounds good :) and I will definitely read the article!
    Good luck with your plans and work :)
    Lottie x

  7. leaner, browner, greener - i like it!

    i think i need to sit down and plan my meals too, it's the only way i can be halfway normal with eating. i keep making excuses though.

    20 lbs in 2 months is totally doable, and it is sustainable (reasonable amount of weight loss given the time duration). good luck! xo