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I think I have been doing very good this week. I have been making my meals for work the night before - I have been sticking to my exercise plan and worked out 3 day. My net calories are very well under my weekly budget. I have however not lost a single tiny little pound the last couple of days. That made me kind of :S this morning, but then I put on my new jeans and they are getting loose on me.. They were very very tight last week - so this is good.
My first thought when I stepped on the scale was "I am eating too much" - but then I took a step back.. Thought of all the times you girls have talked about the scale standing still - and how you keep going - and now I am fine. I have to understand that even though I am making very good changes in my eating/exercise habits - it will not all change within the week. So my goal is to have a bingefree weekend, where I keep tracking my eats and to get in  another exercise session.
I have to keep remembering that I have done years of harm to my body- and it is my fault that it has reached this weight - and that I can not fix it overnight. That if my goal is to really get slim - and healthy, I can not just jump on a yet another fad diet - fail - binge - and gain more weight.

On another note - I am going to start studying again. When my ex - dumped my ass after I had quite my job and so on - I found that the only thing I could do was to start studying. Mind you, it was online studies since everything else was full - and a private business.. Very very very very expensive. I took a student loan to get by. But I never finished it up. I didn't have the state of mind - I was really behind and couldn't catch up. I e-mailed the school to ask if there was any chance for me to be able to pick up the classes I had paid for and to be able to take exams. And to my biggest surprise, I got an e-mail saying that I had 3 semesters left to complete to classes!

I have 3 classes I can take during the spring semester - and 5 for the fall semester. I have completed the class for one of the fall semesters and I only need to take the exams for it. So my plan is to reread the books for that class and pick up one of the spring classes now. Complete the rest of the fall classes next fall - and the last two classes next spring. The 4 I have to take this fall will be really hard - and I will be a full time student, while I am working full time for 5-6 months. But I think it will be worth it.

I still have to pay to be able to take the exams, and that will cost a bit - but all in all completing this means I haven't been wasting around 20k USD (that's around what I have in student loan for that year :S) - on something I never finished. I need to be really strict with my self, and focus to be able to achieve this. Specially the fall semester, so wish me luck :) Cause I am very sure it's needed...

Work has been very very very still today - which has been perfect for me. I have been looking over the school things, mailing with the school - looking at the classes and so on all day. I ordered a book I needed for one of the classes I will be taking this semester and now I am on my lunch break. I have barely done anything at work today - and to be honest, I don't care at all..

Anywho :)

Official weigh-in will be on Wednesday - so I am not going to worry about the scale not moving for now - and be patient and focus on doing good this weekend - and as I wrote this, I got an e-mail saying there will be cake in the kitchen soon lol - you gotta love the way the office culture is always trying to fatten you up! I am not going to have any.

That said! I am going to finish this wall of text - and wish you all an amazing weekend!

Oh and thanks for all the comments about the running, we have a storm warning here - but that should be over soon - and as soon as it has cleared I am going to start the C25K outside :) Thanks for the push hehe :)


Edit: I am loving this song lately... So I thought I would share it with you ladies :)


  1. Good job on sticking to your plan this week! I think it is awesome that you are remaining calm and in a good mind state even though the scale isn't moving. It will eventually and I'm happy your new jeans fit better! :)

  2. Hei! Thanks for the comment and thank you for following me! Good luck to you too, both with your studies and weight loss journey :) Hang in there, continue doing as good as you've been doing this week and the scale will move!

  3. It's so true! When you thought you failed before you actually didn't, you just got impatient with not seeing results and then you got off track and then that was that. It's so hard not seeing results right away but hang in there and it will happen. So glad you at least asked about those old classes and can pick it up again. Very cool. Is it a certificate or a Bachelor's program?

  4. Kitty - I stepped on the scale today and hadn't lost either. At first I was disappointed. I thought I had done so well yesterday. But we can't let it de-rail us!

  5. Good on you! I'm really happy for you, I'm sure you can do it and all your hard work will pay off!
    Keep doing the right thing- the weight will start dropping, try not to stress about silly numbers.
    All the best xxx

  6. I love the title of this post :) As seeking something else said, we can't let the scale de-rail us! Sometimes it really can be frustrating, to be so good and not see any changes in the number. Also Good luck on finishing your courses/working full time, I'm sure you will do well at both.