Back from Prague...

Prague was nice.. The weather was amazing.. We got alot of sun and walked a whole lot.. And we ate... and ate.. and ate.. and ate.. And then we ate some more.. And when that was done.. We got the dessert....

I don't think I have ever been fed this much ever in my life.. Anywho... Last weeks emo binge.. Along with a weekend of fatty food I have reached my all time high.. I have never ever ever been this fat before.. 

NOTHING fits.. And no fucking way I am even gonna try on wedding dresses looking like this.. So todays weight was 231 lbs... Anyways... I have decided that this time I will not just sit and have yet another emo binge over this shit.. Instead I am gonna just stop.. I am going on a liquid diet from today. I am not gonna call it for a liquid fast cause I will have some VLCD shakes and that is sort of food. But nothing solid.. 

I am gonna put the calorie restriction to 700 calories per day.. And this is how it will be until end of May. I didn't have any clean cloths for the gym today (( or anything nice for work for that matter.. Hello ms fat )) ... Laundry today.. So I will be back in the gym tomorrow. I will keep my focus on cardio.. And hoping to be in shape for HIIT soon.. I am not gonna aim for too much though.. I want to keep it real.. Hehe.. That is not a funny thought.. "Keep it real" lol.. Right.. If stuff had been real in my head. It wouldn't have gone this far. 

Anyways.. Wish me luck.. And I must admit.. I am really looking forward to the empty feeling.. You know what I mean?? The feeling of not having anything in you.. When water becomes filling and you go on these amazing coffee rushes... 

Wish me luck.. I know I need it.. 

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