Nutrilett vs dinner time...

Living with my fiance has it's good and bad sides.. I love having him around, and I really love him for every little things he does for me.. But he can not cook to save his life...

Before we met he used to eat quickly made mac along with pre-made meatballs, almost every day... I love cooking I took over that role as soon as we moved together.. But now.. Making him dinner while I am not having any is a tad harder than I thought.. The smell of it.. mm.. So what did I do?? Nothing.. I kept me busy with other stuff while I was cooking his dinner.. I made something for tomorrow already as well so I don't really have to think about that tomorrow after gym.. 

Anyways.. I took some "before" pictures which really made me rethink how the food was smelling.. I am really really sorry for those of you who actually look at it.. I know I look horrid... I will never ever look like that again.. I still can't understand how I could let it go this far.. 

I have settled on the VLCD shakes and "smoothies".. I think keeping it boring is the way to go.. No temptations.. Talking about temptations.. Having cake tasting for the wedding on Wednesday.. I already know what we are going to have to I will try to keep it to a minimal.. 

The VLCD diet I am using is called Nutrilett.. I am having a blend of 3 shakes a day which is 336 calories in total. The smoothie is 209 calories. That is a total of 545 calories a day.. I am going to skip one of the shakes on Wednesday and hope that I will be able to keep it under 700 even with the cake tasting.. 

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