Is she "hot"??

I haven't really been in mood lately so I have been laying low.. But this article made me go a tad hmpf...

I mean... Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?? I dunno... I would say this is a tad past curvy... like.. I dunno...

What do you think??? 


  1. Eww! I'd be so sad if this were my body. I'm sorry. I hate to propogate the whole myth of thin b/c she is muscular and fit. Just way to big of a build to be attractive to me.

  2. That's the thing.. She doesn't look that fit to me.. Also.. Why couldnt she just wear something that fits? Maybe if she wore a onepiece that was a tad more fitted it wouldn't look so "wrong"..

    I'm not exactly the right person to judge.. But ya..

  3. I can see that she's muscular. She could probably kick my ass into next sunday if she wanted, but she's definitely not all muscle. There's some fat lying on top of all that. But, I guess when you're Serena Williams and have the body confidence that comes with being a tennis champ you can get away with it. I'd still rather look like Anna Kournikova or even Steffi Graff - you don't have to have man thighs to play tennis.

  4. Curvy is such a weird word, depending on who's using it, the word can mean a million different things.

    When i think of curvy I think Scarlett Jo... Not Serena Williams :s