Yet another blab session about food..

"Shockingly" enough the reason why I like many other people am fat is because I eat too much..( like.. duuuuhh)..
And its not that I don't know that fact.. the problem is that I keep doing it. Eventhough I know I shouldn't. And I think I can keep going on and on about how I will lose the weight, and what im gonna eat to do so.. but I keep falling back to the same decision over and over again..
I can not lose the fat by keeping to eat.. I can for sure not keep on eating as much as I do. I read this article about how the main focus for the weightloss should be on the diet..( yet another duuh moment)... and then when you get close to your goal weight you have to start building up the body so won't gain it all back right away..
That does make sense to me. So Ok.. I am going to restrict.. as long as I keep eating as much as I do I will stay fat. I know I keep saying that I will eat so much and burn half at the gym.. but who the fuck am I kidding. I never get to the gym as much as I should. I always have an excuse.. and ok.. I admit that I should stop making excuses and instead just go to the gym.. but it makes me zoo fucking hungry that I normally end up in a binge by the end of the day.
So instead of trying to do it all I am gonna just focus on the food.. and put in 2 -3 gym sessions a week.
I am sort of done with trying too much and keep failing. And I think having my focus on one thing at the time is the safe way to go. That way I won't feel guilty over not having the energy/time/mood for the gym.. and I won't have the oh I'm really hungry after the gym excuse to eat. Anyways lunch break almost over. Going to head back to work. But ya.. I think maybe this will work.. atleast it should be easy enough to make it work..

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