Wedding dress and whole lot of blab!

Today I got to know that my uncle and his family will be attending the wedding.. Yaaay.. My uncle has been my only male figure that I have had in my life.. Well the only one that I could always count on. He and his wife are the perfect family.. The way they love and support eachother in every aspect of their lives has always made me warm at heart. And they always had a way of making me feel like I belong, and made me feel like home..

I didn't really have a home growing up. Long story :) Anyways, they moved to Dubai for his work a few years back, and sicen they moved I haven't really seen them all that much. And I wasn't counting on them being able to attend the wedding. It is one hell of a way to get here. But today he mailed me and said that they would.. And I have been srsly yaay about it all day..

I also asked him if he would "give me away" at the church :) I hope he says yes, it would really mean alot to me. This however means that now I really have to go for the more traditional wedding dresses. I think I will order from ebay. I have been reading alot of good reviews about them and I don't see why not. The price is a huge factor, but the main reason is that they custom make it for you. So I am gonna order it with a couple of cm smaller on everything, and if its too big I will just have it fixed here.

I have been seeing a few dresses, I'm not sure which one I like the most :) What do you think?

The first and last two pictures are the ones I like the most. If I were to choose one, I think it would be the first dress at the moment, but I'm not sure.

And ya.. I have been feeling really low about all the drama that we have had around the wedding plans and such, but I dunno, I guess this one positive little news made me feel so much better .. And I am so glad that we didn't just give up and eloped.

All of this have given me a whole new boost of motivation. I have been doing good on the eating side, but I really have been lacking the motivation for the training stuff.. It's few days over 14 weeks left to the wedding. Rusty's HIIT program is 12. I will hit the gym in all my lunch breaks, and do a longer session after work.. Other people do it.. So can I . Or what??


  1. Gorgeous dresses! I like the first, second, and the last one.

    My husband wanted a big traditional wedding and I just wanted to run away to Vegas. lol Honestly though, I am so glad with did the traditional thing. It was the most perfect day of my life.

    Now get to the gym and get ready for your awesome day! :)


  2. Thanks :) I am looking forward to the traditional more and more now.. I think ill be glad we are doing it this way.
    Ya.. I need to get to hit the gym more.. but ya.. doing a fast tomorrow.. I feel so full... And not enjoying it :(