Impulse shopping ftw... Along with a whole lot of blab! ;)

I have always had a thing for shoes.. I just love them.. They are pretty.. And they always fit.. No matter how skinny or how fat you get.. Your shoes will always fit.. I have a whole lot of socalled unpractical shoes which are so so pretty hehe.. Some I can barely walk in but ya..

Anyways lately I catch my self spending more and more money on gym cloths.. shoes and such. I have been seeing alot of articles about the easy tone shoes but I never actually bothered trying them on. But yesterday I just tried them on, and I dunno if it's cause in such a crap shape or what, but I could feel it in my leggs and lower part of my bum after only trying them on for 5 mins in the store.. So there I went and spent a whole lot of cash on them.. And I don't know if its just cause I want to think that they are working, or that they actually are, but ya..I am very happy about the shoes, and how the feel like in my leggs and such.. Oh and it really gets your upper legg muscles going when you go up the stairs on them..
Other thing I bought is the smart and fit shake. I'm sorry that there isn't any proper English info about this product. It is basicly a protein shake with low cal and carbs. Putting up a picture of the nutrition facts of this product :

I find it hard to eat in the mornings and I have been trying to find a solution to that. After I read Rusty's plan I decided going with a low cal protein shake is maybe a good idea. It tastes ok and it was pretty cheap.

I have this idea about what to eat and have controll over what I can eat without eating more than what I am "allowed".
Bfast: 103 calories
Protein shake

Lunch: 344 calories
- 2 slices of wholewheat bread 214 calories
. Green salad, paprica, cucumber around 30 calories
- 100 grams of turkey ham 100 calories

Dinner: 447
- Grilled chicken filet/ fish filet around 200 calories depending on the size
- Portion of wholewheat couscous 248 calories
- 100 grams of broccoli/cauliflower 30 calories

That makes the total 893 calories per day, which gives me room for a no fat yoghurt or a piece of fruit incase I feel like I need something else to eat on the workout days. 

No more binging.. Overeating.. *keeps them crossed*


  1. I totally agree with you about shoes! I have a ton of them too and I just love that they are always there - even if I can't fit the outfit I originally bought to wear with them.

    Good luck with your plan! I started my blog a couple of years ago a few months before my wedding and it really helped.


  2. Thanks :) I need all the luck I can get <3